Secondary BC -- what treatment have you had?

Hi all

If you haven’t done so already, please have a look at the "Stage 4 -What’s treatment is available, and where?’ thread in the “Secondaries: Treatments & Medical Issues” section, and share your information with us. It will help us get a better picture of how we’re being supported in various parts of the UK (and elsewhere), the types of treatments being offered to us, our oncs’ viewpoints & treatment policies and how we feel about our treatments. This in turn might just help those of us who aren’t happy with the way we’re being supported/treated, and provide some pointers for possible second opinion referrals.

Don’t forget that we are each others’ most valuable information resource . . .

Marilyn x

Thanks Marilyn.
May I also add, in addition to saying what treatment peeps have received, it would also be useful if they could mention any treatment that has been refused. The point is to try and build up a picture of what is available, or not available for those who may be anxious about their treatment.
I know when I was first diagnosed, I was not happy with the treatment offered, but I didn’t know where to go for a second opinion - and for me, that just made everything else I was going through ten times worse. People have to feel confident in their treatment, and hopefully this info can help people navigate themselves to the place that is right for them.

Hi Ladies, yes I will add to the thread but need to summon up the energy to tell my tale…possibly after the weekend.

Good idea though as when you start with all this you don’t know what you don’t know…if you know what I mean!!!

Sue x

Hello All
Diagnosed June 2010 secondary triple negative BC just after giving birth. Liver metastase of 7 cm and two tiny ones. Treated at St Thomas and had EC Chemo 6 cycles dose dense which shrank liver tumour to under 1 cm.
RFA ( ablation liver ) London Bridge
Clean CT March 2011

Recurrence local April 2011
? Taxane next
Hope 15