Secondary Breast cancer and claiming pip

Hi I’m needing some advice. I’m 40 years old and I’ve got secondary BC of the bone inc sternum ribs and spine. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with primary BC and then secondary 6 weeks later. I went through Chemo and radiotherapy and then started Tamoxifen with denosumab inj every 4 weeks. I claimed pip about a year ago as I get so stiff with pain in my wrists, ankles and areas where the cancer is and i have trouble dressing, cooking and I have problems with my energy levels and memory.I have been sent a letter to attend a pip interview. Not sure what to expect and I’m worried that because I always put on a brave face and try to just get on with things that they will think I’m not poorly enough to receive the pip. I need the payment as It has enabled me to go part time at work but I won’t cope if I had to return to full time hours. Has anyone attended a pip interview or could give me advice on what to expect?

Hiya sarah4lou
I have just been awarded pip but haven’t a clue how it works really. I went for a blue badge as I cant walk far with my hip and pelvic Mets and i had to go for an assessment for that …just had to answer a few questions …walk up a few stairs and basic stuff …I was told there I should be getting pip so phoned up and I think they used that same report to award it to me.
I’m sure it won’t b a problem.
Sorry not much help.
Hugs xx

Thanks Carolyn I was surprised when I got it as I thought I would’ve had to have an assessment then.

Sounds like they overlooked your assessment and now the boss is on the warpath !
With Mets like u have …u should b fine with it.
Hugs xx

Cheers Carolyn xxx

Hi sarahlou…i cant believe they are putting you through this.but if you have to go just tell them everything you put on here and you will be ok.its about what you cant do so make sure you tell can take someone with you for support…goodluck sharonx