Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day 2022

I hoped to post a link via BCN’s new campaign on my Facebook page, certainly to raise awareness, possibly to generate donations. I have searched Google, I have pursued every link on this website and the best I can find is an announcement yesterday that BCN is launching its new campaign today. We are halfway through ‘today’ and nothing seems to be easily available. Not the best start to a campaign. 

I am so disappointed. This should have been a simple process to get started, at the least.

Hi Jaybro

Thank you for posting. Our campaign launched a few weeks ago and you can see it on social media as well as on TV and radio adverts (if you are in the South East and East of the UK). You can find out more about the campaign and watch the ad here:

We tested a potential TV script with different focus groups: those with primary breast cancer, those with secondary breast cancer, those post breast cancer treatment, a group of close family and friends of someone diagnosed and finally a group with no connection of breast cancer. The reaction amongst our groups was very positive: the topic of ‘opening up’ felt particularly timely and compelling and all groups gave feedback about how honest and authentic it felt.

With experiences from a range of ages, ethnicities and male and secondary patients, we hope to represent as many people as we can.

Best wishes,