secondary breast cancer in bone marrow

My world has fallen apart. 3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in my bone marrow. I thought I had beat this disease after being cancer free for 10 years. It’s been such a shock after being discovered following routine blood tests then having a bone marrow biopsy.
The outlook is grim as the cancer is aggressive. I am having 18 doses of chemotherapy weekly paclitaxol to help prolong what little time I have left.
I feel so angry, knowing I am going to miss out on seeing my children grow up. I am only 44 and life is so cruel.
I can’t find much information on secondary breast cancer in the bone marrow. I would love to hear from anyone going through the same situation. Also how do you accept the cards you have been dealt?
Thanks in advance

Hi Mejules72


I am so sorry you have found yourself in the secondaries part of the forum.  I am afraid I have no experience of your mets, mine are liver and bones, diagnosed the same time as my primary in Jan 2016.  


You are just 2 years younger than me and I was in despair when first diagnosed.  The way I have come to terms with this and believe me it took a long time and I still have my moments is that I have learned to LIVE with it.  No one can tell any of us which treatment will or wont work or for how long.

Hopefully someone with more experience will be along soon to give you some advice.


Hugs to you


Maria. Thankyou so much for your reply and advice. It’s good to know I’m not on my own. It’s all been a whirlwind and I hope over time I will accept it more. Xx

Hi Mejules , I also have been diagnosed with bc in my bone marrow as well as my spine, hips, skull, femur, shoulders,ribs etc. pretty much my whole skeleton. The drs said that I must have been walking around with it all for years. I was diagnosed 8 years after primary, but had been going to my GP for over a year complaining about pains. That was 21/2 years ago now and I’m not too bad. Some of the initial treatments, Taxol and hormone therapy didn’t work for me but we are all different. I’m now on capecetebaine which is chemo in tablet form as the cancer starting spreading into the lymph glands in my chest, which so far us working.  I did take a break from formal treatment for a few months and reduced my cancer by about 60% but then it came back with a vengeance. I’ve been lucky with side effects on all treatments and can live a relatively normal life. It is scary first of all but I decided to be really active in my cancer treatment decisions and explored various things that I could alongside conventional treatment. So I would say, so far so good. I figured if I could walk around for years with this undiscovered secondary cancer I could definitely live as healthily as possible for a few more years doing something about it!!!  Read Chris Woollams book, " Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer". One of the first books that I read was “Radical Remission” by Kelly Turner, that made me think well if these people can survive terminal cancer so can I!! 

Hi mejules
Sorry I don’t have any experience of sbc in bone marrow. I went from initial diagnosis of sbc in mediastinum in October last year. It has since spread to my bones, liver and brain and I have just started capecitibine chemo. I did 16 of a planned 18 taxol which was quite doable. As others have said you will find a way to live with your diagnosis. I am still working and try to take each day at a time without thinking too far ahead. Good luck with your treatment xx

That is such a good question - how do we accept the cards we’ve been dealt? I wish I knew but I know we have to if we are going to find any inner peace. I wish you well and hope you do x

Hi. Im 43 and have 2 girls 19 and 13. I was diagnosed 10 years ago with breast cancer stage 2. Full masectomy with recon and no radiotherapy . All clear till ive had an annoying pain on my right side. Felt like muscular . Saw 3 drs had a chest x-ray in feb. All clear. Gp referred me to physio who told me to get in touch with my oncologist which i did. Went for a ct scan fridsy and was told i have a pleural effusion. Waiting stil for it to be drained n tested. The worry is so bad. I need to go for a bone scan too. Trying to stay positive. Im out of breath at bit. Im a fitness instructor and have been working with 1 lung for weeks now. #strong hey

Hi Jodie ,welcome to the forum.The anxious waiting is so horrible isn’t it .Fingers crossed that there is another explanation for your symptoms but if not there is lots of support and advice on the forum .I am currently going through various tests myself and waiting on bone biopsy so confirm / rule out bone mets following a concerning scan .Its such an awful time isn’t it .Hope you get good news .