secondary breast cancer in lungs and pouch of douglas

Hi everyone, 


I had breast cancer back in 2003, had left mastectomy followed by chemo,then tamoxifen. Had right mastectomy in 2005 but not cancerous. Last January found left side lump which was cancer in chest wall. Had it removed in Feb but was bigger than they realised so had MRI and CT scans which showed it had spread to both lungs and the pouch of douglas. They’ve also said I’ve got abnormalities on my ovaries and something on my thyroid. I am takin Anastrozole daily and Zolodex every 3 months and all seemed to be going well, no sign of growth and cancer markers down in blood tests. I don’t usually worry. I feel as though I’ve just got on with things (Husband has PPMS, 6 kids between us, no 10 grandchild on their way and work pt in academy). Recently though I have been getting more pain on left side, oncologist is going to book me in for scans but I just feel as though I’m being a hypochondriac. I know I’ll just have to wait for it all to happen and get results in app in March but I haven’t told my kids (hubby knows)as I don’t want to worry them unnecessarily so was hoping that I could chat to others in the same boat.

Thanks in advance and look forward to speaking soon.

Best wishes Brenda x

Hi benny3840

Welcome to the BCC forums.  Whilst you are waiting for the other users to reply with their experiences do give the helpline a call on 0808 800 6000.  Here you can talk through your concerns and questions with a member of staff who will offer you a listening ear as well as emotional support and practical information.  Lines are open Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm and Saturday 10 to 2pm and the number is 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator 

Sorry you have to join us here Brenda. Just wanted to say hello, I have some same, some different mets but had some good results with Anastrozole so I hope it continues to work well for you and good luck with your scan. X

Hi Sam and Belinda,

Thanks for replying. So Belinda,what meds are you on? How long have you been on them? Any info greatfully received.
Thank you. Xxx

Hi benny, welcome to our vefy friendly  group. I was dx with lung mets (right lung) in may last year  although they had been there since the previous  Aug 2013. Showed on a chest xray at that time but failed to be reported on!

My primary was in 2005 and had a new primary  in same breast  in 2009.

I’m  currently on carboplatin  and due my 2nd dose on friday. Previously  had capecetabine  then docetaxol but had progression  on both (now spread to other lung) before changing  to carboplatin. I’m  only weakly positive  but just started letrazole  with this new chemo. 

good luck with your treatment. Its awful waiting for results but as you say all we can do is get on with  things! 


Hi guys,

Thanks for replies. I never realised there was so much available to combat this disease. I knew there was a lot but not as much as there seems to be. It looks like I’ve got a long way to go. I think I was having a bit of a melt down. It’s really good to know that there are such open and friendly people to talk to on here. Hope you both continue to get on well with your treatments. Thank you for telling me your stories. I think it really helps to know others stories. Makes me realise that I’m not on my own. I don’t feel that I get much time to myself as I care for my hubby as well because he’s got PPMS. He’s not really bad but can’t work, stumbles, has problems walking and lost most of his confidence but I know it could be a lot worse. Anyway thanks for listening. Xxx

Hi ladies…hope youre all keeping well…and warm! Its very cold out there.
Just back from clinic appt. Bloods all ok so 2nd chemo all on for Friday. Onc is happy that I’m looking and feeling so well with minimal side effects from chemo. He said i now have to stay that way until next scan…which will be shortly after 6th March. Xxxxxx

That’s great news. I’ve always been scared of being sick so that’s what I fear most if I have to have chemo again. Glad that ur feeling well. Keep it up and look forward to more good news. Xxxx

Hi ladies, just thought I’d check in and see how everyone is. Sorry it’s been so long? I didn’t realize how long ago it was since I have been on here. X

Hi Brenda
Nice to see you back on the forum. How are you doing with your treatment?
Very sadly both Bev & Belinda on this thread passed away in the last couple of years - thought you would like to know.
I don’t have lung mets but have had bone & liver for just over 5 years. Join us on the ‘bone mets please join in’ thread which all us met sisters hang out.
Take care, hope you’re ok.
Helen x

Oh no, I feel so bad now. Thanks Helen for telling me. I just feel as though I’ve got so much to deal with and don’t want to moan cus we all have so much. I’m getting my ovaries removed in April so I won’t have to have Zoladex anymore. Seems to be working. They said at the beginning that the tumours had shrunk a bit but since then they said stable. Then at my last scan they said one had grown 2mm. When I saw another different oncologist he said they’d carried on shrinking and I think that this is one that was bigger, had shrunk, and now grown again. I’m struggling more with my hubby and his condition to be honest. He’s changed so much and not really my Mart. Sorry for whittering on. Hope u are coping well and thanks for answering my post. I really appreciate your friendship xxx