Secondary breast cancer in the brain

Hi there. Anyone out there with secondary breast cancer in the brain? I start whole brain radiotherapy in a week.  Just looking to see if there is anyone that has been through this. Thanks lovely peeps. 


Hello Sandy,

I wish I could offer you some help and advice, but unfortunately I can’t, but I would like to wish you lots of luck going forward with your treatment.

Take one day at a time with lots of TLC, rest and drink plenty of water, also a cup of tea with that special friend.

Health and happiness going forward. Keep posting letting us know how your getting on 

hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow:

Hi Sandy,

Fortunately, I do not have this diagnosis but I’m very much aware that anyone of us could be in your shoes- we’re are all so vulnerable.

I hope you are getting the support you need and the love and care you deserve. It’s all so unfair and extremely sad.
I have a friend with primary bowel cancer which has spread to her liver. She is being treated with chemotherapy tablets daily and an infusion fortnightly. She has been told there is no cure that they are doing what they can to contain and manage it. 
I’m sorry, this is of no comfort to you. All I know personally, now with my second TNBC, is that we do not know what’s in store for us but I am determined to enjoy my loved ones and make the most of this time I have; while accepting the help and support of the experts in my MDT.

I wish you well, miracles do happen! Mostly, I wish you the strength to face it all in the best way possible and that you find your way.

Love, Tess xxx

Dear Tess

what a lovely message to Sandy, wishing YOU  lots of luck together with health and happiness.

biggest hugs Tili???