Secondary breast cancer in the stomach

Dear All.

Is there anyone out there willing to share their experience living with secondary breast cancer of the stomach? I know someone who is facing this very lonely journey as she hasn’t managed to find anyone facing a similar experience.

Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Angel,

I don’t have any experience of this myself however I just wanted to reach out and suggest that perhaps you could tell the person you are asking on behalf of to get in touch with the Breast Cancer Now helpline.  Breast Cancer now run a volunteer service called “Someone Like Me” which may be able to match a volunteer who has a similar experience. 

It may also be worth checking out a group on Facebook called Secondary Breast Cancer UK.  Failing that, the person you know could ask their Breast Care Nurse if they know of any other patients with a similar diagnosis that would be happy to get in touch, or they could ask for a referral to a local hospice and then have a chat with the hospice to see if there are any patients with a similar diagnosis.

Its very kind of you to want to help this person, I hope that you have some success in your search.