secondary breast cancer - pleural maligancy


I had stage 1 breast cancer diagnosed Feb '07 had a lumpectomy and 3 weeks of radiotherapy. Then put on Tamoixfen. over the past 18 months I have complained about breast pain and have had various tests which all came back negative. Consultant said it was probably ‘bulking’ from the surgery.

Eighteen months later I was diagnosed with pleural maligancy and have a spot on my lung. This has caused a pleural effusion which is fluid leaking from the lining. This is extemely pain and I have already had it drain, but unfortunatley it has come back. Consulutant is hoping the chemo might stop the fluid leaking before theyt decide to drain it again. I have been offered palliative care 3 fec and 3 taxere which start tomorrow.

Anyone in a similar position and any help with the chemo would be most welcome.

Many thanks


Hi - don’t know anything about this but just wanted to say I hope that something can be done to relieve your symptoms.

All best wishes

Jane x

Hi Chris
Sorry to hear you are in this situation. I know a bit about pleural effusions because this was how I was first dx. I was dx straight off with secondaries in March 2007. Drs thought I had pneumonia but turned out tobe pleural effusion and cancer cells in the lining of my left lung.
I had the lung drained and they ‘glued’ the lining with talc. This workeds really well I also had 6 FEC. A year later they had to do the same thing with my right lung.

This January I developed lymphangitis which is where the cancer cells are now blocking the lymph system in side of my lung. I have just finished 6 Taxotere.

My breathing is loads better than when I had the pleural effusions because I could hardly walk then. I was always coughing as well. Have you been like that?

Having the FEC definately helped with the fluid in my lung as well.
If you have any questions please ask,
take care

Hello Chris. Sorry to hear about your secondaries diagnosis. I do hope the chemo brings you some relief.

If you look in section of this site ‘undergoing treatment - chemotherapy’ there’s a very useful thread called something like ‘Top tips for chemotherapy’ which has loads of good practical advice on how to cope with chemo.

Best wishes and take care