Secondary Breast Cancer stage 4 - Docetaxel and Phesgo

Hello, is there anyone in this forum with Secondary Breast Cancer stage 4, HER+, having Docetaxel and Phesgo?

If yes, would you mind sharing your experience of taking these?

My daughter started this Monday with these treatments, Docetaxel at 50%, and on Wednesday started with persistent diarrhoea, taking Loperamide and, finally, codeine. It stopped, but now has returned. She is also very tired, as she had two surgeries in less than 4 months, chemo in pills, radio, and ongoing anaemia, even with a blood transfusion.

I am running on fumes and pretty desperate.

Anyone that can share?

Thank you,


I was on docetaxel and phesego for five months. Both of them can cause diarrhoea and certainly did with with me. My oncologist reduced the Docetaxol dose after the first round because the side affects were so severe.

Things did improve slowly and the diarrhoea did lessen and became easier to deal with. Your daughter should speak to her oncologist to see if there is anything which may help.