Secondary Breast cancer

Hi folks,
My wife was first diagnosed 14 years ago, had all the regular chemo’s and radio then tamoxifen from GP.
she the developed endromitis “excuse spelling why are all products around cancer so hard to spell”
This resulted in a full hystorectomy of which we adopted 3 children ( because we chose that option).
lymphodima developed some years go which she is getting treatment from st giles,then we had the blow calcification had formed and was sorted with a quick blast of radio “problem solved”
it then returned on the lungs skull and pancreas but was sorted with Avastin to start but went pete tong, so the Onc Doc put her on Mycett which did work but caused heart failure was all clear until now callopesed lung all drained and inflated the b****s back but got a treatment plan, im b******d but what the hell. i am sure i have missed out a few activities
Thanks to anyone who may respond
Struggling Little AL

Hi Little Al
I’m so sorry to hear about your wife’s current progress of secondary BC. I hope the new treatment plan works although I’m not familiar with some of the other treatments she has already had. I’m sorry I can’t help any further but hope that we can be of support on here and that someone else will come along who may be able to help more than me.
Good luck and do come back on here - even if we can’t give advice we do give lots of support.

Hi littleal

Sorry about your wife and all the issues you may find more help if you post in the secondary sections I’m on avastin but not that many seem to be but look out for postings under secOndaries treatment and medical issues. SadieL is a positive lady who cons just taken off avastin and changing her drugs

Hugs & it’s great to have you here obviously not the circumstances but you will get a lot of help what part of the country are you in?