Secondary breast cancer

Help any knowledge I am ready to hear .

HI Sharonmc

I am not sure what information you are asking about, can you be more specfic?

Hi thank you so much for reply I looked at this months ago and just could not cope so I came back to it yesterday really do not know where to start I am reading what people write and I have never heard of to much of the drugs I have h2 recitive started with a lump in my right breast surgery was planned but I had back ache and for a girl that’s not ever Ill I asked for scan at 48 4 days after I had a breast lump that was going to take a year of my life they told me no surgery it had spread to liver spine and I was terminal and it was stage 5 agresive and not looking good .i had agresive chemo and I was very ill for a year that was two years ago and now I want to know any information I can gain from anyone with same or similar prognosis. Sharon

Did you see my reply I do not know how to use this site .

The liver is now totally clear and fiction is normal my breast is now clear I have bone mets in my spine please can u have any information that anyone may had . Any drugs I can look at trails anything please Sharon

Hi.what treatments are you on now .what type of chemo did you get two years ago

Hi I had chemo I can not remember all names I was so in shock and I didn’t want to know I was broken…hetceptian purtuzam and zometa and another 1 .i was so ill for a year then they took the one I didn’t name away because I was so ill . Hr2 receptive thank you for reply very grateful

Positive …I have oncologist and nurse but I cannot take the idea I am so ill I just want it to go away I know that’s mad but from a strong girl I feel broken .ivwill ring the number on here tomorrow I need more answers denial is not working thanks for reply

Still have my treatment for the three I named every three weeks

Can you all see what I write or do I reply to each reply thanks Sharon

Maybe I will take someone next time I go alone .thankyou so much for kindness sharon

How does any body feel or have heard of a breast and liver total recovery and now bone mets to sort out…

Instead of going unarmed now I want to go with knowledge to my oncologist , tomorrow I will name all I had and where I am and if anyone has a thought I would be so grateful Sharon

Thankyou for message so kind . Think I was just in bad place this week got taken into hospital fri some good news they tested my lung and chest and no spread just bad chest so that’s maybe why so tearful . Think I went in here to hear from people who had bone mets because my breast and liver are now clear . Just sad I think and this site looked warm and like you all knew where I was that day again Thankyou