Secondary Breast Care Nurses

I’m curious, can people who have access to secondary breast care nurses tell us which hospital they’re attached to? And how many people don’t have anyone?

I’m seen at Southampton General and have not met any there. 

I’m with Torbay hospital. Have often remarked upon the difference in support between primary care and secondary. I suppose other cancer patients experience this lack though I know where we are, the local hospice has nurses that offer support. There is a Macmillan centre attached to the hospital but it says that medical advice must come from medical staff.

Hi Carine, hope everything is good with you. We have one SBCN at QA in Portsmouth but believe this is a relatively new post. There are over 200 patients with SBC!

I’m at The Royal Free in London and there are two secondary nurses. They’re not always at appointments but will ‘phone you back if you leave a message. I guess I’m lucky to have them

I’m in Exeter. .no secondary bcn at all . It’s very lonely not having that contact. Oncologist secretary is good and helpful.
Primary bcn are plentiful though I think.

I’m between Bedford and Stevenage. I had private treatment for my primary and no BCN for most of my active treatment. There was one at another hospital 20 miles away who sometimes came to appointments and was great on the phone.

I’ve been under same surgeon and oncologist for 2 years on the NHS and we have 4 or 5 excellent BCNs, I wasn’t aware that there are secondary BCNs too - I’ll have to ask when go in for treatment next month.

It seems another example of a kind of post code lottery. I am grateful that I have secondary breast cancer nurses. I was diagnosed at Stage 4 so have nothing to compare it with. I do think there should be consistency and no one should be told that they are a problem. Hope everyone is okay. I was disappointed this week as after only three weeks of Ibrance my white blood count is too low and I have to have a week off. I’m eating a lot of almonds!

Hi my primary Breast Care Nurse was so supportive and communicative.
There is one SBCN for the region I live in, who works 4 days a week. She attends periodic meetings with my Oncologist as she on the hospital site that day. I do wonder what her role is ? A cardboard cut out could easily replace her…
Even a friend of mine who attended the Onc meeting asked me what she contributed to the meeting ( Nada).
She had the cheek to announce during the end of meeting that her car was on a meter and she didn’t want to get a ticket!! Priorities!
I’m hoping to see a Primary Breast Care Nurse whom I saw at initial diagnosis in 2013, however she’s on sick leave. The Oncoligist agreed that it would be good for me to remain in touch with her.
Secondary Breast Cancer should receive a hell of a lot more funding from the government.