Secondary in lymph nodes in back of neck

Hi this is a general question which there is probably no answer to and wonder if anyone else is out there that is the same as me.
Had breast cnacer 5 years ago…treated low grade but returned in the back of my neck 18 months later. Treatment again and have been clear for 3 years now…cancer estrogen feed. I am happy that i am clear but am always worried about its return and what is a normal ache and what is not. At my check ups even if i mention pains it seems to be brushed off. It maybe i am just going through normal aches and pains of the side affects of the drug but at what point do i really need to worry. I do follow the two week rule butnow inclined to not bother. Does anyone else feel the same or going through the same.

I think we all feel like you and associate any symptom with bc. It is hard to know when to get something checked out, but I suppose that if it is ever worrying you, it is best to make a nuisance of yourself until you are satisfied. I am on Letrozole and have lots of aches and pains and I am wondering if yours may be a side effect of whatever you are taking.

Ann x

Hi Ann
taking amomasin which is much better for me than arrimadex (spelt wrong sorry).I do feel sick on and off but that is the drug. They suggest taking it at night but i kept forgetting to take it so had to switch back to the morning. Have my next MOT in September so will highlight any problems then if they are still around. Think i have picked up yet another virus which is just making me feel down…feel lightheaded, washed out oh the joys of working with children. Need to give myself a swift kick up the bum i think.

lupin15 - I don’t think you need kicking, more looking after, sounds like. I am sorry you are feeling down. Viruses do have a habit of leaving us feeling down for a while.

I have started taking the Letrozole with my evening meal. I used to take it at breakfast but find that it makes me feel anxious in the morning and I thought maybe changing the time might help. Not sure, yet.

Hope you feel better soon.

Ann x