Secondary lung mets - coughing up blood

Does anyone else with secondary lung mets cough up blood? I have been for a few weeks on and off and varying amounts from pinhead sizes to 50p size blobs. Oncology team know about it but are not saying much. I cough all the time. I have been for months. No infection there. Can’t help but worry though.

Personally I would find coughing up blood on that scale a bit unnerving.  I think your oncology team should talk to you about it, explain what is going on and offer reassurrance if nothing else.  Have you tried either your BCN - who may talk to the onc on your behalf or your GP who may help with symtom control.  for example opiate based drugs e. codiene and morphine suppress the cough reflex.  My GP is often helpful in dealing with problems that make a big impact on me but are seen as insignificant to the oncologist.  The BCC nurses may be able to offer some support, advice as well


I really hope you get some joy, and don’t keep getting fobbed off.

Look after yurself - Jacqui