Secondary mets and just recieved "Generic" breast screening invite

My wife has secondary mets in her liver. (I post on here as we fight this as a team)

She turned 50 this year and so yesterday received a “generic” invite to breast cancer screening.

Wouldn’t you think with today’s technology that a flag or marker  could be placed on someone’s records to say “this person doesn’t need generic letters” about how screening is great and can identify Breast Cancer early?

I’m not saying don’t invite people if it’s still necessary, just be a bit more sympathetic!

Are there are flags / markers for ladies who have had say a double mastectomy? Imagine if they received a letter telling them about breast screening?

Hi ,you would think that would happen wouldn’t you but it doesn’t .Ladies who on yearly screening after breast cancer treatment still get the " routine screening " letters  also - at best it causes confusion at worst a lot of distress to ladies with double mastectomies / secondary diagnosis. I wonder how this can be addressed ?

Hi Dumbwitness

Yes, it is an issue. 

I received a screening mammo invite & then had to explain & cancel it. Not a problem for me as I didn’t mind saying why I didn’t need a screening appointment, but that’s not the point, others do not feel the same way & I would feel the same in your wife’s situation. It’s irritating at the very least. 

My understanding is, that the mammo screening list is generated by the GP practice & this does not flag those of us who it is not appropriate to screen. It is a gap in the system. They just send the cohort of those women due at that point in time. 

Maybe complain to the GP practice manager about it &/or Public Health England or equivalent. 

Wishing you & your wife all the very best. 

ann x

Hi, it’s totally disgusting. A few months ago I received a letter to take part in a trial. An appointment was already made for me to go for a mammogram. I was furious. I have secondary bc with bone, liver and omental layer mets. I ignored the letter, so they sent me another one and said if I can’t make it, to let them know. I didn’t bother because I thought they shouldn’t assume anyway and just make people appointments without asking.xx