Secondary Triple Negative Tumours in the Brain

I was diagnosed with TNBC in May 2019 and had surgery, 6 months chemo and 3 weeks radiotherapy.

I was experiencing new symptoms in May/June 2020 but due to covid wasn’t seen face to face until October 2020. In November 2020 had a PET scan done and it showed the TNBC was still active and hadn’t gone away. Started on abraxane chemo and immunotherapy.

A month ago I collapsed and was rushed to the hospital with a suspected stroke as right side of body had stopped working

CT scan showed that I hadn’t had a stroke. Then had full MRI scan which showed it was secondary TNBC tumours throughout my brain. Biggest one 2cm plus lots of smaller ones. 

Just completed 10 radiotherapy treatments to the whole of my head a week ago so still feeling the side effects from it.

Tomorrow I start on erublin chemo only. The other treatments are being stopped. 

Feeling scared and in shock as its all happened so fast and everything is changing so quickly. I’m not allowed to drive anymore and I can’t do things for myself that I’d normally do. 

I’m 64 and live alone and hate causing worry and stress to others, especially my grown up children. 

Thank you for reading and any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Hi LittleOak

I just wanted to send you a huge virtual hug.  You are one brave lady! I know we have no real choice but to go through all that, on your own, leaves me awestruck.

I’m new to SBC and was shocked to discover my SBC was triple negative as, having originally had two tumours in 2018, it never got mentioned first time round. So now I’m learning, but in tiny steps as there’s only so much I can cope with. I wonder if there is someone in the Someone Like Me service who could help you. Also, have you joined the secondary breast cancer group here? There may be threads that will be of help to you.

As for not wanting to cause worry and stress to others, that’s their problem and their choice. I have friends who are clearly backing away but most of them are lining up to be of help to me. You have to let them choose and not be apologetic. It’s not like this is a path you have chosen. How would you be if one of your friends was going through this? I’m pretty certain you wouldn’t be blaming them for causing you distress.

Nag over!

I wish you all the best in your treatment and recovery,

Jan x

I’ve just been reading through your post and my heart goes out to you.  So soon after your last diagnosis too……

Not being able to drive and living on your own creates so many additional problems to sort out. Are you living near the hospital and do you have a good friend to help with transport and support? 

Take good care


Little Oak 

I am thinking of you talk to your doctors they can hopefully find some support for you someone to talk to 

Take care thinking of you and wishing you well