seeing surgeon tomorrow, gulp

seeing surgeon tomorrow, gulp

seeing surgeon tomorrow, gulp Hi
terrified, seeing my surgeon tomorrow, terrified that they found something bigger, faster growing, lymph node involvement, aaaaaaaaaaggggh! I think I’m going mad, I’m like a craaaaazzy woman, at a time when I should be cherishing my family…I’m eating them.
I’m also terrified of what comes next, and terrified that won’t give me ct or bone scans and will miss something else. I was the healthiest person I knew, and then they told me I was ill, I have spent the last 3 weeks feeling more and more ill, craaazy craaazy woman

Oh Hugs Clairex.

I am not going to tell you to be positive, as I thought I would scream if another person said that to me…but I am hoping that everything will turn out well for you.

Please keep us posted on how you get on.

Thinking of you.

Hugs Val. XXXX.

Hi Claire, won’t tell you not to feel scared ‘cos’ that would be daft. It was the worst time for me too. I was paralized with fear. Believe it or not once the waiting is over and they tell you treatment plan it will be a bit easier.I was like a zombie with my family I had a 19 day wait for results of op. and it was not an easy time. I can only say I will be thinking of you and hope results good. Will look out for you posting. Take care love Eileen

Ditto what’s already been said.

Waiting is the worst thing - definitely!!! Once you have the facts, you can cope more easily. The old mind can be a cruel thing.

Big (((((HUGS))))

Let us know…

Jacki xx


I know exactly where you are coming from. I had my op (lumpectomy)on the 10th May and saw my surgeon for my results on Friday and was absolutely so scared it was horrible. The results were good (as good as they can be in the circumstances) - tumour was 1.8cm and only 2 lymph nodes were affected out of 19 so i was very very pleased with that result. Like you I have been imagining all kinds of terrible things.

Just to say that I am thinking of you and do know how you are feeling because I was feeling exactly the same last Friday.


Hi Claire

Know how you feel, waiting is a nightmare, its just one hurdle after another. Once you know, you will feel better and more able to cope, I know I did. I have had tumour removed with 3 out of 5 lymph nodes removed involved.

Bye the way I am not too far away, in Hartlepool, chin up lass.

I am waiting to see my oncologist which should be fairly soon, have just had my hair cut short today, in preparation for the next step, and it looks great.

Lots of luck
Diane x

relief! Hi all, so many lovely thoughts, thank you!

It was a good day, Mucinous carcinoma, 14mm, grade 1, no node involvement. Surgeon assured me that it was a very slow growing tumour with a very good prognosis, chemo would not do anything as it was slow growing and chemo attacks fast growing cells, so rads and tamoxifen.
Tamoxifen in my bag, dreading popping the first one out, but so much better than alternatives, chemo, further surgery!

In 3 weeks cancer has gone from being a sentence to being something I am coming to terms with, (in no small part down to support of others on this site)


thank you for your support

Hi Techy

I’m glad the outcome was more positive than you had thought.

Wishing you well with your treament.

Thinking of you
Take Care

Hi Claire

Great news, peace of mind is a wonderful thing !

Best wishes
Diane x

great news all the best with the rest of the treatment x

Great news Claire!!!
Having my op and sentinel node biopsy next Tues & hope I get a good result just like you!!
Very best wishes and onwards and upwards!!

thanks Thanks to all,
I will be thinking about you next week, redvixen (what a good name!) positive thoughts, thanks for yours