seeing surgeon tomorrow

Hi, finally begining the path to be cancer free. Can I ask you lovely people if you  have any advice or wished you had asked a question?  can you let me know. So much is going round in my head I need to focus. Help needed. Cazzy 

Hi cazzy. Hope all goes well tomorrow with your surgeon. Make a note of anything you need to ask or need a tad more info on. I found my surgeon knew what I needed to know and yes if like me you will be so engrossed in what they are telling you your own questions get forgot about though no fault of your own. I rang my bcn the next day and had my questions answered. Take each day as one day at a time, don’t go to far ahead. Easy to say I know but this is how I got to where I am today and that was with advice of the champions on this site. If you have a crappy day then this is fine because tomorrow which is another day and you might be fine so cherish it. I know how you are feeling and it does get easier once your plan is In place.