Seeking help to encourage other patients

Hi everyone,


It is a while since I was last here and life has changed significantly. 


In 2010 I was diagnosed with HER2+. My experience was far from straightforward and as a result I learnt a lot. There was much I wish I’d done differently, there were offers of help I didn’t accept because I wasn’t sure how they could support me, I dismissed opportunities and postponed options rather than in hindsight did me no great favours and now wish I hadn’t. Basically, I now want to turn this knowledge I acquired from this into a book b to support  new patients, their family, friends and colleagues.  Writing is a skill I have found as a direct result of cancer, and it’s one of many positive experiences I’ve had in the past 8 years, despite still being on treatment, which I want to share to encourage others. 


I have a group on Facebook where I am gathering information from friends, family and aquaintances, called How to Support a Cancer a Patient You Care About  and I have a pretty clear vision regarding what it will look like and what will go into it when published. There is a better explanation there about what I’m trying to do. Things are going well but I am  hoping someone might help me help me on the subject of relationships.



I know this is an emotional and deeply personal subject and I don’t need to use your name in the book, if you would prefer, but I would welcome any examples of changes in relationships directly due to  the cancer diagnosis.


Feel free to share in a private message if preferred and please join the working group for my book on Facebook if you are interested.   


I want this to be a really useful book which supports the unitiated patient, friends, family members and colleagues. I really hope some of you are happy to support me in this.


Many thanks for reading,


Meg XX






Sounds like a great idea Meg -hope you get lots of feedback .You could also post this on the moving forward after breast cancer section of the forum .Best wishes Jill.