Seeking reviewers with experience of Goserelin (Zoladex)

Hi Forum users 


I work in the Health Content team at Breast Cancer Now. We are looking for people who have experience with Goserelin (Zoladex) to help read through our information and provide feedback. 


We have all our health information and booklets reviewed by people affected by breast cancer and breast conditions. It involves reading through a Word document, six pages long, and letting us know if it is clear and reflects your experience as well as answering any questions. 


If you have a spare hour over the next two weeks and would like to volunteer to read through this information, please email and we will send you the information. 


We would really appreciate your help. 


Thank you


Megan Stansfield

Editorial Officer 

I have been on Zolodex for a year and will be happy to help if you still need someone.


Hi I would be interested in helping if not too late. I have emailed you from my iCloud email account. 

best wishes 

Thank you all for your offers of help. 


We had three people help us with the review and have now completed the work. 


Best wishes


Anyone have panic attacks from these ? I think it’s probably coming from the goserelin injections but it is overwhelming and I am strongly considering stopping the Injection. Just torn of course if that is the best thing.