Seen by nurse not my GP


I’m looking for a bit of advice please. I found a lump on the cleavage side of my breast. Its a bit like a broad bean. Its not painful and its difficult to say whether it moves or not. Sometimes I think it does and other’s I think it doesn’t. I contacted my GP surgery and was seen by a nurse. I was expecting her to then make an appt for the Dr. She felt the lump and checked my breast that side. She didn’t really say what she thought it might be, but gave me two options. I could wait or be referred to the breast clinic. I asked what it was that I would be waiting for and she said for it to get bigger, stay the same or go away. I wasn’t happy to do that and she seemed vague when I asked how long I should wait, so I asked to be referred. She said she would do that but that it would be more than the two week wait as the lump was not in breast tissue. I wish I had been a bit more assertive now as I am left with questions and worries. 

Firstly without being disrespectful to her profession, as a nurse is she qualified to make that decision? Secondly as I said the lump is on the edge of my breast near the cleavage. If I am sitting up it feels more breast than cleavage, is she right that its not in the breast tissue? Should I ask to see my GP? Is the wait for non urgent referrals long? I’m sending myself crazy thinking about it. Any advice or input would be great. Thank you.

Lilac Insist you have doctors appointment and then insist in referral Make a fuss, stamp your feet do whatever is necessary. Better to do this and find out it’s ok, rather than leave anything till it could be too late It is your life you get yourself seen properly Please pop back on and let us know how you get on :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx