Does anyone know how much of this is safe to take as a supplement? thanks


Hi Flower20,
It is always a good idea to have a chat with your own personal med team before considering the takieng of any kind of suppliements, especialy if you are still undergoing any of the cancer treatments, as some suppliements can have an interaction with many of the different cancer drugs we take. You could also give the BCC helpline a ring who may be able to advise you also and should be able to tell you what doesage if any would be safe to take.
Sloan Kettering Cancer center also have a A-Z Database of all the Herbs/Botanicals and Supps, which provides some very good and usefull info on all the different supps including a section on Selenium.

Also CRUK have an artical regarding Selenium in lowering cancer risk.
Hope this helps.