Hi All, 

I’ve recently found a hard lump in my right breast. I have a family history of breast and ovarian cancer, so very worried. Performed a full self-exam after but didn’t find any additional lumps. I’m going in to see an oncologist in early July (because of the Covid situation, no one is available immediately).

I’ve read so many articles online that say self-exams aren’t conclusive or useful and even the ACS doesn’t recommend it. So I’m wondering if my own examination is any good?

Have any of you found your cancers through self-exams? Do your doctors recommend that you perform them regularly? Are there any apps I could use to get a tutorial and record results? I would like to do this more regularly and tell my friends to check themselves as well!

I believe most are found by self-exam . I wasn’t quite rigorous enough between mammograms and found mine by chance as bra was tight. If I had done monthly exams properly would have saved me chemo … I was lucky to find it before it had spread  to nodes but was still 24mm . Ladies please keep checking …