Self isolation

I have spoke to my breast cancer nurse about self isolation before and after having a single mastectomy with immediate implant reconstruction and they haven’t said much as they said it keeps changing and tells me to wait nearer the time, I have 3 children at school and a partner who works so need to know a bit more in advance regarding how the self isolation works and for how long. My partner needs to tell his work and I need to arrange with school. Could you help?

I hope this will be helpful…  The government rules do keep changing and I do think hospitals can make their own rules too.  Your breast care team should be able to tell you what the CURRENT guidance is.  I am currently isolating prior to surgery on 3rd September.  However, I rang the breast care team to see if I was allowed to go for solitary walks.  They told me the guidance is now NOT strict isolating but social distancing.  When i asked what this meant, basically it is the same as isolating, because you can’t mix with others or go to their houses and you can’t go into shops, but you can go for a walk alone, and your family doesn’t have to isolate but they should minimise their contact with others as much as possible.  So we are just being sensible and and cautious.  I am staying in and have only been out twice for walks in 6 days.  I am exercising and meditating at home, and friends can come to the window.  My partner is going to shops as infrequently as possible and he works from home so that makes it easier.  My daughter is autistic so she has to see a couple of carers but she’s not seeing friends while I’m isolating.  My daughter doesn’t go back to school until the 7th so that helps.  I hope you get some answers from the breast care team.  Much love xxxxx

ps I have been told I don’t need to isolate post-op x

I also should have said that isolation is usually 14 days, but you’re allowed to go to essential medical appointments in that time x

I am booked in for lumpectomy on the 14th and been told my household need to self isolate for 14 days prior with a Covid test a few days before the appointment. I am lucky that My two boys are going to stay with their Nana as it’s their first weeks back to school. Although being away from them is going to be hard.

 I haven’t been told anything about isolating after the op.