Semi permanent lash extensions any1?

Hi all
just wondering if anyone has had these during chemo. Have seen them on lots of healthy ladies and they are fab so was thinking of having just a few added to give me a bit of a list. My lashes + brows started thinning after 3 (failed!) cycles of eribulin- the fall out seems to have stopped as quick as it started thankfully as I had to stop the eribulin so I’m hoping the loss has pretty much stopped now + some extensions will be ok. I’ve spoke to someone who had them done during chemo but obviously yowards the end, she had no lashes for them to attach the extensions to! I’ve got a full coverage they’ve just thinned + look pants.
A lash + brow tint first would prob be axgood idea but I’m scared if the follicles are weak, the tint might make more hairs fall out?
Any advice?
Ta xx

Sorry Tina don’t know the answer I want my brows done but was worried about chemo one thing I will say give it a little while my brows are growing on xeloda and leg hair grr v slowly but it still coming I’ve had my hair trimmed once need it done again so I wld wait they might grow I’ve noticed my hair as not grown as quick as last time but then been on chemo since jan what I miss the most is my highlights hate dark hair I look so dif rant over xx

Hi Gingerbud

I went along to a beauty therapist to find out about these semi-permanent lashes.

She told me that as my own lashes fell, the semi-permanent ones would fall with them. She also said the extra weight on my own lashes could make the fall quicker. Dhe advised against tinting as any tint is chemical based.

However, what she did do was teach me how to apply false lashes - not the big obviously fake ones, but lashes that look natural. She cut me 3 pairs to exactly the right length for my eye shape. Wearing these and a little brown liner to cover the edge looks really good.

The lady on the Mac cosmetic counter has taught me how to do ‘fake’ eyebrows.

I am having to work for one week in three and need to feel that I look good in front of my clients, so bought a couple of fantastic wigs and go to the department stores, tell the beauty ladies whats going on and they have without exception, been fantastic - plus they load me up with goodie bags too.

PPixie xx