Sending some positivity

Hi All

Havn’t been here for far toooooo long tut tut naughty naughty!!! But I’m here now … better late than never thats what I say :)!! Just wanted to send some positivity and wish you all well!! How are you all?? It doesn’t seem two minutes since I was last here that dreaded Christmas Eve last upon receiving my IBC diagnosis trying to make sense of things to come :frowning: boohoooo!! But that was then and this is now and wanted to update you all to add yet another good news story to the ongoing list and provide some positivity for those newcomers :D!!!

Well, I’ve finished my chemo and had my mastectomy and full lymph node removal. Results show there is no trace of disease :D. I am awaiting my radio!! It keeps getting delayed!! Not a prob though!! For some unfound reason I keep growing a new booby!! Fluid build up yes but weird how it builds a new boob!!! Hmmm!! Anyway, its been doing this since the 4th August but finally decided to take a hike and they are proceeding with radio 18th October :D!! Pray I get done by Christmas so santa can bring me Chanel this year instead of IBC!!!

Hairs grown back through!!! Unfortunately, I dont look like Sigourney Weaver but hell who care’s?? I did have an impatient desire to dye it and chose a sultry chocolate shade resulting in a bright ginger :smiley: but bothered I am not it’s not permanent I may go pink tomorrow!! So glad to have my eyelashes back but a little miffed about my leg and underarm hair!! I may become a Greenham Common woman I think hmm!!

I’m still smiling and full of positivity and hope you are all too!!
Take care all and speak soon xxx

I too came on here today to share some good news. I remember those first days, when i couldn’t take it all in, had so many questions but not any answers, thouhgt the worse. Well that was 7th September 2011.Today 4th October 2011 after having been and had a lumpectomy and nodes checked (sorry don’t know medical term for that)on 24th September i saw my consultant today. Nodes all clear woopeeee and lump removed with clear, margins wooppppeeeee again. Now waiting to see Oncologist on 6th October to discuss further treatment. Defiantly radiation, not sure about chemo until he has had my Herceptor ??? results. So all i wanted to say was, even though you have those awful dark thoughts and life looks gloomy its not all bad. Here’s hoping and wishing others have some good news to share.

Hi-I havent been on here for a while but read your news and its just brilliant! I had a lumpectomy on 29 September 2011 with sentinel and lymph node biopsy etc-I go back to see the consutant next week on 12 October 2011-It will be almost two weeks then but I am worrying myself sick- do you think if there was anything really bad that they would have contacted me already? I am such an anxious person but feel better reading your positive blog-thanks

aw ginless thats fab news yayyyyyy!! i think much positivity needs to be spread!! i remember those first days too and i am sure you will agree that what we wanted to hear most was POSITIVITY … yayyyy come onnnnnnnnn :D!!! are you having radio too?? how do you feel about it?? herceptor results?? what the ellers is that :D?? ha!! i’m on that herceptin i know that much!!!

aw jaxette try not to worry!! i know that’s easier said than done :frowning: i can only speak about my own experience and i have IBC but looking back i think my consultant knew when he did the biopsy i had it!! he asked me to wait in reception and came out personally to hand me a letter to return on christmas eve that been two days later!! i thought ummmmmm this is a not looking good!! but hey look at me now my results show no trace!!! so even though back then it was the most traumatic news ever didnt mean it wasnt treatable. Try not to worry!!! :))))

Well, thought I’d better join in on the good news front to add to the injection of hope for those other IBC ladies out therer…!

Was a bit gloomy (I already have secondaries in bones and chest lymph nodes) as after Aromasin seemed to stabilse progress and I was sent away for three months, latest tumour marker tests indicated progression again and was sent for CT scans to see exactly where as that would determine what the change in treatment would be.

But the CT scans showed some evidence of possible healing in the bone (can only be confirmed by bone biopsy) and the tumours in lymph nodes have shrunk a bit! As the nurse said “so much for the blood tests!”. No change to treatment!

So I actually came on the site to look at the sticky thread for travel insurance as they said they would write me a letter confirming I’m fit to travel! I might yet get away! Fingers crossed!

I would like to post a wee bit positivity too! It’s now a year since my main treatment stopped(still on Tamoxifen);

After several visits to hospital for test on lumps, bumps and pains I feared may be recurrance and turned out to be negative!!

Last week I braved the public swimming pool after taking a pocket from an early mastectomy bra and sewing it into costume(and it fitted well which was lucky)I put a safety pin where my cleavage was :slight_smile: just in-case! and off I went! It was a big milestone for me on moving on, I felt great afterwards!

Last thing on hair - this time last year - I did dye what hair I had bright pink for the month of October and raised funds for breast cancer care… It made me feel great to help make a difference - however small!
Feeling positive with all of your comments too - it helps to talk with other IBC ladies (haven’t talked to IBC men yet - I know they can get it too - so not leaving you out if your a man!!!)
There is life during and after IBC!!!

Hi Haxted and Pinkhair, good to hear how you’re doing. I didn’t know the bones could heal, Haxted, that must have given you a boost. I hope you manage to get away on holiday. For me it can make such a difference to how I cope with winter if I get a little injection of sunshine to see me through.

I was supposed to be trekking in South Africa this week, raising money for BCC, but it was cancelled because they didn’t have enough people signed up to the challenge. So, I’ve swapped over to another challenge and now it’s Sumatra in March 2012. A bit more exotic than Table Mountain but my Dad worked there for 2 years, so if he can manage it so can I.

Hope the other IBC ladies are doing well.

Jan xx