Sensitive skin and wearing bra 24/7 for weeks

Waiting on a surgery date for lump removal and breast reduction on my right side. And the thing Im really stressing about is wearing a bra 24/7 for weeks!!! 

I have an autoimmune condition called dermatographia. Pressure on my skin like being stroked with a ball point pen (the blunt end) causes a red weal within a couple of minutes. It goes with 15mins.  Usually not much of a problem except for BRAS with sustained pressure on the band and shoulders. And any plastic/metal clasps, adjustments etc. Or vaguely itchy seams. 

I spend a lot of time trying to find vaguely comfortable bras. Currently using sloggi brand zero feel. I’m 34e/f so that limits choice. 

Most post surgery bras have narrow straps, clips, hooks etc. And choice is limited because of my size.  Bamboo fabric which feels really soft irritates my skin . 

Is there anyone out there with sensitive skin and how did you cope with wearing a bra 24/7 for weeks? 

Is there anyway I can wrap with a silk wrap or something.  Or maybe wear a stretch silk vest under a bra. 

I don’t have sensitive skin, but I’m also new to all this and had my lump (and some lymph nodes) removed earlier this week.  I bought a couple of M&S post surgery bras (but they do have hooks and shoulder adjusters), but have actually found my own existing bras are more comfy so I’ve stuck with those at the moment, and am in them 24/7 for a couple of weeks.  No idea if that’s any help, you’ve probably already thought of that idea!

All hospitals seem to take a slightly different approach and hopefully you will get some good advice once you have explained your skin condition.

I had lumpectomies, SLNB and breast reduction to both breasts back in May and the surgeon wanted me to wear basically a torso sized Tubigrip (like you have if you sprain your ankle only much bigger) to ensure sufficient support.  It was a bit odd to wear and a job to get on and off but it did the job and was seam and hook free.  I had one when discharged then bought some more from Amazon.  I can’t see why you couldn’t wear something underneath it that didn’t irritate your skin but you would need to check with your clinicial team to make sure.

Hope all goes well with surgery and that you have a speedy recovery.