Sentinal Node localisation



I’ve got sentinal node localisation and imaging tomorrow morning, and TM surgery the following day. Of course I made the mistake of re-reading my appointment letter 5 minutes after the hospital stopped answering phones for the night, so now I’m having a ridiculous freak-out. The letter says “You may eat and drink as normal before and after the scan, unless you’ve been told to starve before your surgery”. I think it’s probably just very badly worded, because of course I have to starve before surgery. Does it mean I have to starve before this as well? Or does it mean carry on as normal unless you’re in the pre-surgery-starvation-period? Most importantly, can I have my cup of tea in the morning? I’d be grateful for a second opinion or wording from another hospital’s letter. Thanks everso.

Dear Sparrow11

I am so sorry that you didnt get a reply in time for your appointment.  I hope it all went well.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer