sentinel node biopsy - its tomorrow - help!

sentinel node biopsy - its tomorrow - help!

sentinel node biopsy - its tomorrow - help! Hi all,

I have received my letter to confirm that tomorrow is my op -still feels like its happen to someone else! - please can you give me any advise as to how I may be feeling afterwards and any advise on what you did that helped or did’nt help as to exercise - I going away afterwards and the nurse says to go swimming as this good! - did any one do this?

I have a cancer lump and DCIS so the doctors are advising me to loose my breast - not what I want do to but have no choose - I am feeling very afraid of what I will look like after the op or what do to - has anyone got any advise?

Please help and thanks for the support.


best wishes for op just wanted to wish you well for tomorrow.sorry cant offer any advice as didnt have the sentinal node clearance-all mine taken.sure others will post who have experience.Deciding whether or not to have a mastectomy is very much a personal decision weighed against diagnosis.My personal feelings led me to go for first mastectomy-they told me after would have needed that anyway-and a yr later had other boob removed as wanted to narrow the chance of reoccurance as much as possible as am a real coward.However while im happy that its right for me its still hard looking at scars sometimes but they will fade and l am happy being here to watch that happen.All l can say is take your time-take advice from dr and breastcare nurse and look at some sites with photos if you think it will help.It was not as l had feared.good luck whatever you decide.hugs sharon x

Same as me Hi Sharon
I was diagnosed with widespread DCIS 5wks ago and am having a mastectomy sometime in the next 2 weeks. Had my sentinel node biopsy 12 days ago and got results today…luckily they are clear…I was fine after the sentinel node biopsy just a bit uncomfortable for 5 days…manageable with ibuprofen…its an inch long incision in your armpit and mine has healed beautifully already.
I am now having to come to terms with the mastectomy now…opted for immediate recon using fat and skin from my tummy…DIEP recon…this has the added bonus of a tummy tuck (has to be a silver lining somewhere).
I am still waiting for an op date for that…but should be in the next 2 wks.
Good luck for tomorrow i will be thinking of you.
Swimming will be fine once the wound has healed…I had no restriction of arm movement after biopsy.
Love Anna x

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Hi Sharon I had my sentinel node biopsy and mastectomy at the same time. The mastectomy wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I felt more uncomfortable than in pain - and they keep you as pain-free as possible. I hated having the drains cos they got in the way. The worse part was not being able to sleep on my side, which is the only way I can sleep.

I was frightened to look at myself after the op too. Take pajamas that button down the front. A nightie or top you have to put over your head could prove rather uncomfortable to get in and out of. I was shocked to see how flat chested my left side was even with pajamas on. It took a couple of days until I could get the courage to look at myself. I had one of the nurses with me when I did it. It was ok. It certainly gets easier.

It’s been nearly three weeks since my mastectomy (I didn’t have reconstruction) and now I’m used to how I look. I’ll probably have the other removed sometime, which will make me feel (emotionally) more comfortable. I just look at myself and think, ‘Wow! I was really brave!’ Which I was, and we all are!!!

Hope all goes well for you and others who are waiting.

Jacki xx

Same as me! Too Hi Anna,

Wow - so the same - have just had my mates round to keep my mind of tomorrow - lots of laughs, hugs and kisses - really good friends

Mine all started in March 07 so all very quick and already have appointment for mastectomy in two weeks time - will have to wait until wednesday for results of the biopsy but away for a few days with hubby and kids - they will keep me on the go!

As I had two c -sections with the kids they have said will have to consider recon using fat and skin from my back which is not ideal as like you could have had a tummy tuck for free! will try to change their minds on this one! but all depends if the biopsy is clear - so hope so!

Thanks for the support - it really helps to know I not on my own.

Love Sharon x

Hi Jacki You are very brave and I know that I will have to come to terms with it as it will be happening to me - appointment in 2 wks time for the big op!
It still feels like its happening to someone else as I look and feel so well - my hubby is very supportive with words but not so sure that when he sees me for the first time after op that he will still feel the same - I have two children - 1 girl and 1 boy - its so hard to tell them whats happening to me as do not want to upset them - especially as its happening so quick - I’m still not ready yet so how are they going to cope with it?

I’m quite large in the boob department - so to loose the one will look odd - if recon is possible not sure if I will look equal afterwards and then might look worse!

Thanks for the support and will let you know how I get on.

Sharon x

Thinking of you today!! Hi Sharon
Good luck for today…hope you get your results really quickly…they were a bit slow in norwich!!
Keep me posted re your recon and biopsy results…ill let you know when i get a date.
How old are your children? Mine are 2 and 4!! Im 37 so feel reasonably young although having read the younger threads am no spring chicken!!
Really hope you get on well and get great news next wednesday.
Love Anna x

Hi Sharon! I was a teacher for quite a while (young ones) and I find that children just accept things so much better than adults! You won’t have to go into detail, just answer the questions they have - you’ll still be their mum, that’s they care about.

I don’t have children of my own, but am very close to my 14yr old niece. I told her she could ask me anything she wanted, but she was just worried that I’d be in pain, that was her only worry, bless her!

Lots of love to all of you awaiting your results - and those who’ve just heard – keep positive, it does help!!

Jacki xx

Hi Hi Sharon

Different from me too, but I share your worry and send you so much strength. Will be thinking of you and wishing you well. With al these people helping you know you are not alone.

Much Love


Hi Anna Home now and all went well and very quickly - but a long day for my hubby who stayed with me all day -love him!

My children are 15 girl and 9 boy and I will be 40 in July - am going to have a party to celebrate and now its even more important to have a good time with family and friends

Will now meet with Docs on the 24th April for results of yesterday so I will have to wait a little longer - will be meeting with breast nurses next week

Will keep you posted and please keep me posted with yours

Keep smiling and be positive is what every one says - so am doing

Love Sharonx

glad yesterday went ok take care sharonx

hi sharon nice to see you are back home now and not feeling to bad.
i had mastectomy in nov 2005 and from the moment i could and the scar was healed, i moisterised every night all over the area with aloe vera, when it came to rads my skin was in perfect condition for it. went very slightly pink and not sore.
take care,
sharon. x

Well done!! Hi Sharon
Well done for coping so well and remaining upbeat…you are a star…you would hardly know id had the biopsy my surgeon hid incision in a little crease.
11 days is similar time that i had to wait…not great but we are all here for you…sending you lots of positive thoughts and hoping you get the all clear for your nodes!!
Have you discovered the BCpals website yet? It really helpful to and the girls are all really friendly and helpful there too…
What date is your mastectomy/recon?
Still no news on mine…latest news is they have been discussing me in managers meeting but no date…no much help to me…really need to plan with 2 little ones!! Luckily my mum and dad will be coming up from devon to help!!
Keep in touch.
Love Anna xx

Hi Anna Met with the Nurses on Wednesday, they had the results - not what I wanted to hear but in one of the three glands removed they detected cancer, therefore no reconstruction for a year or so, and as I had two c-sections no free tummy tuck! - cemo starts as well in about 4 weeks or so, so then no hair either - really feeling very sorry for myself – not like me as a rule - but I keep going and trying to stay positive however more tears at the moment

Thursday is the op so no time to relax as will have to get the family organised whilst I’m away living it up! - We had a lovely weekend away and really enjoyed the getting away feeling - no one knew me so could just be our family on hols and forget all our worries for 4 days.

Have you had any news yet? - familys are a great help and I’m glad your parents will be with you and help with the little ones! -my parents are local so they are always around when I need them too.

Keep in touch

Love Sharon