sentinel node biopsy?

has anyone had this under local anaesthetic? what can i expect?

Hi Peggysue,

I didn’t know you could have an SNB with just a local.

I did have this procedure on its own, but was put under…. I was in hospital the better part of the day before doing tests & prep (which I can tell you about if you like) and then spent the night on the ward so I would be ready when they called me down to theatre the next day. I was put into a day ward afterwards, allowed to get myself together & then went home that evening. Recovery time for me wasn’t too bad.

Let me know if you have more ???’s




hi lomalinda, just had the nurse on the phone and she has explained the procedure. i was probably focusing too much on the bigger op in 2 weeks time (mastectomy of right breast) and then got a bit of a fright on friday when i got the letter saying to bring pyjamas and not to eat or drink etc!! i was offered the snb with a local or general and i chose local as its my youngest son’s birthday tomorrow (same day as snb op!) so that i am better able for his birthday tea! she reckons i’ll be just a bit sore afterwards???

thanks. peggysue

Hi Susan,

That’s interesting that you can have local…

I’m sure you will recover well. I had some purple bruising and the stictches didn’t look too bad. Depends just where they go in & how many nodes they take I guess. My scar looks pretty good, parallel to the side line of a bra (sorry not a great desription!) about 3 inches long. They took 5 nodes. The stitches were concealed by tape/glue.

Do the exercises they give you & but don’t overexert yourself.
It’s not too hard to shower & keep dry….no heavy deodorants for a little while though.

It’s been just over six months now and I’m amazed at how the site has neatened up.
I did have a small painless seroma under part of the scar, but it went on it’s own.

Good luck, I hope that your nodes prove to be negative, mine were!
I wish you all the best with your definitive surgery too. I’ve just finished chemo & am waiting to hear what type I will have….



thanks lomalinda, hope all goes well with you.

Peggysue, I was waiting for my results at the breast clinic and met a woman in the waiting room who had had I think an SNB done under local as she had had a stroke the year before. She said it was fantastic and that she felt like going out for dinner that evening…her daughter had to stop he and make her rest! I can’t be sure that it was an SNB but I think it was. I had mine done under general which was also fine. Good luck with it and the MX.

Maggie xxxx.

I had SNB under GA- it was ok. Ended up with a 3 inch scar under my arm and the GA was not as bad as though… the anti sickness drug they gave me was really helping.

take care

hi all, i’ve had my snb done under local yesterday and it was fine, first time it has been carried out at ninewells with just a local - i was informed just before i went in to the op theatre! but i listened to my ipod during it and the op team were very good and gave me more local when i felt i needed it, i was also sedated. would certainly recommend it. much quicker recovery time. very tired today and sore. op lasted about 30-40 minutes. thanks for your support.


Hi Peggysue!

That’s great news. Wishing you a swift & easy recovery time.



Wow - snb with a local - well done you!! Rest lots, drink lots of water and do exercises- how was the birthday ?
Cheers x