Sentinel node imagery and injection

Hi all, just to say anyone having this done it it absolutely fine, it’s a tiny injection I only felt a little scratch then a few images taken . Took 50 minutes in total and was a nice and relaxing laying there xxx

Thanks for that, was worried about it. Was it done on day of surgery, was told mine would be.


Hi. Is this the injection into the nipple with the blue dye? I have this in the morning followed by the biopsy where I am being put to sleep. I’m so scared I’ve never been put to sleep before and I’ve fainted when I had the MRI with the dye. I also fainted with the pre op. I am terrible with needles. 

Hi Alvilajo,


It was reassuring to read your message that your sentinel node mapping (which is what I believe it is called)? was painless and easy. I have my WLE surgery tomorrow, with the sentinel node mapping (lymphoscintigraphy) & injection of the dye, this afternoon. I was of the belief the injection was an injection into the arm! till I Google’d (cause the info. sheet I got from my hospital didn’t specify where the dye gets injected to and I didn’t use my common sense:). 


I have made plans to have dinner with my best friend after my appointment and was concerned cause the letter said the whole process will take 2 hours. When I spoke to my surgeon & explained I wanted to have dinner with my friend tonight, she was lovely and said that I don’t have to stay for the images (she’ll see what’s what at surgery anyways) & that I can leave after the injection. But having seen your post and that it all took a total of 50 mins. I may have the time to stay and get the images done too. I think I will play it by ear. 


I read that some women found the injection site painful (post injection)-did you find it stopped you from sleeping (did you have it on same day as your surgery)? As I said, I’m having mine late this afternoon and surgery tomorrow AM. I was hoping to have a decent night sleep tonight.