Sentinel Node positive

Hi ladies,


This is my very first post on here and I feel rude for just jumping into a whine, but I am going out of my mind with worry.  I have just had a WLE which has thankfully come back all cleared out.  My sentinel node has a 4mm cancer deposit in it - I really hadn’t expected this news and I’m taking this worse than being told I had cancer.  The initial tumour was firstly graded as a 1 and has now been elevated to 2  - I have to go back in on Monday for an axillary clear out to see if there are any other nodes affected.  Can anyone give me any encouragement as I’m having a really bad day, I can’t stop crying.



Hi Emma I had the same result except I had two sentinel nodes positive because I had 2 separate areas of cancer. It was mixed grade 1 and 2. I had further lymph nodes taken and they were all clear.  I had an additional predictive test which put me at low risk of recurrence and so oncologist did not recommend chemo for me so just because it is in the sentinel node it doesn’t mean chemo is a given. I am now on hormone pills and am doing fine.   The operation was fine and I recovered really quickly. You do have to take care of your arm though afterwards. I was really upset when surgeon told me sentinel nodes were positive and cried in the carpark but it was all fine. It really isn’t the end of the world. Good luck! 

First - a HUGE hug to you - I know what you mean about crying all the time, it’s exhausting!  I am struggling to come to terms with sentinel positive and the axillary clearance - more so than the mastectomy itself.  I am still looking for answers - and only have about a week to convince myself of what is right for me.  I hope you get some more positive advice from more experienced forum users, but just be reassured that there are others out there who care enough to offer you some support.