Sepsis after Treatment

I wonder if anyone out there has had this experience. I went through all 7 months of Chemo and 15 days of radio with only one hospital admission (because I became neutrapaenic.However after feeling I could put it all behind me, I developed a very painful throat infection. Initially I was given ear drops , the pain persisted, I was given antibiotics and a different ear drop. After a week I was unable to eat or drink properly, unaable to sleep.

Finally I went against the grain and telephoned my doctor again. I shall always be so grateful to the receptionist , who recognised my voice and said come to the surgery now tp see the senior GP. What he did was to examine me and send me straight to A&E with a letter also telephoning ahead so they knew about me.

I had a massive infection on the right side of my throat involiving the Saliva gland the tonsil on that side and it had spread to my larynx. At every stage of this saga I told the relevant professional that I had finished chemo relatively recently. Is there nothing that will “Flag up” a warning in my sort of case . I needed treatment quickly and got it far too slowly. I am hme now and recovering.