September 2018 Radiotherapy

Hi Bibi. I felt much better about it all after my planning (CT) appointment. They gave me lots of time to ask questions.
Hope you feel the same tomorrow xx

So 5 down - 10 to go.

Hope your planning session was reassuring Bibi.

I restarted the post surgery exercises this weekend and it’s helped my flexibility, I wish I’d kept them up from the planning session onwards, so that would be my top tip today…

Have a lovely evening everyone
Maggie x

Last radiotherapy session for me today ladies. Can’t believe how quick the time has gone!!


Have to say, I am a little anxious about finishing active treatment: I will miss Zappa every evening. Hopefully he did a good job on me. 


Wishing you all the best my lovelies xxx

JaneBeina hope it lessens each day. & huge well done on completing treatment ?

AnxiousSoul yes I was a bit stiff by Friday evening so thought I’d try and loosen up a bit & it’s helping.

Bibi, I was lucky enough not to need Chemo, (I was eligible for the Oncotype test) but I’ve a couple of friends who have needed both and they say rads is breeze in comparison.

Another teatime treatment for me today
Happy Tuesday ladies
Maggie x

Morning ladies - well I think I made a breakthrough of sorts yesterday - I finally cried… no tears since diagnosis. I saw my BCN and suddenly the damn just broke. I really think this is the start of my getting my head around this … I find it hard that everyone is so positive (friends and family) and say well done your going to be fine since I got my results, but my body has changed forever, I’m still going through it and my head is in right state!!! Cancer really messes with my head.
I hope your all having a sunshine day today. Hugs xxx

Thanks Anxious sole. YesI am arranging some counsellung now… I thought I wouldn’t need it - hey ho I seem to be finding another side to me ?. Hope your doing ok ? Not long now till the 13th and we can start ticking off the days ??

Hello Wombat Woo,

(Totally love the username btw!) 

Just wanted to say that your comments about not being able to cry or properly process this grotty situation that we’ve found ourselves in, is so familiar, happened to me too…I burst into tears long after diagnosis and op after a daft thing happened, which in the ‘good old days’ would have just made me laugh…

it was kind of cathartic, but now I get teary a fair few times, and yep, fed up at the “think positively” and “you’re OK now, aren’t you ?” remarks from nearest and dearest,…with the exception of my daughter, who is going through PND herself, and understands the mental anguish. I’ve asked for counselling/CBT too, to see if it’ll help… (I found a poem on this forum called “ Cancer Lite”  that really sums it all up ! It was very accurate to how I feel these days …) 


You are definitely not alone as loads on here identify with all this…hope you feel a bit better soon and keep gearing up for your rads treatment. Finished mine on 24th August and can happily say it really isn’t so bad, it’s the travelling more than anything, but you and others on this thread will mentally tick each day off and get there ! 


All the very best

Thistle xxx 

Thanks for sharing Anxious Sole. I have rung the counsellor and hope to get a session very soon ?

Thank you ladies - I’ll speak to the Consultant.
Maggie x

Good luck with your Herceptin injections Bibi and hope you do feel well enough to go away.

We’re staying with some friends at the weekend, really looking forward to a change of scenery, they’re old friends who won’t mind me wanting a nap ?

Feel much more energised today, which is lovely.

Another teatime rads for me today. Number 8 where they redo some of the CT imaging to make sure it’s all working - good to know.

Have a good day ladies
Maggie x

Does anyone know if you should avoid people with infections still wbilst having radiotherapy?x

Sorry can’t help with that one - perhaps ring the department to check ???

Hi Linda. Don’t know if this will help but my husband was in hospital during the last week of my rads and I didn’t go visit him ( sounds awful I know) but 15 sessions in and 5 to go there was no way I wanted to get an infection off a ward where everybody had had surgery. On my 18th session I asked if I was open to infection in any way. He asked when my chemo finished of which thankfully I didn’t need and his reply was I am fine to visit but would have been different if I had received chemo. As others have said mention to your rads team they will advise.

Just as a general comment on the subject, I thought it was only chemo that indicated being aware/beware of infections and bugs around?  I guess the only thing is to try to keep healthy for R/T,  just in view of hospitals not encouraging attendance by anyone with bugs and illnesses?  I don’t know how it works, say if you got unwell in the middle of R/T so that you couldn’t attend appointments, how they rejiggle? . . . . I used to travel in on the Tube and buses, and even in the waiting rooms there would be someone who would COUGH !!  I used to dive down my jumper or T shirt, and carry a antibacterial spray with me, and splosh it over my hands and under my nose if in doubt !!!  ( It’s a bit expensive, but I highly recommend the Neals Yards Hand Spray  -  kills off 99% bugs, and smells fresh and light, and isn’t drying or sticky  -  and a bottle does last a good while  -  I converted my eldest daughter who works in a hospital, and she much prefers it to the very drying and skin stripping alcoholic gels etc) Sorry I’ve rambled on a bit there. . . . 

Good luck to all of us starting this week… anxious sole we can count down together !
A question for you lovely ladies who are already having rads- do you wear a bra or top at night during treatment ??? Thanks xxx

Hi Ladies

9 down and 6 to go, I’ve used Aveeno and so far my skin is looking good. I wear a vest top with hidden support at night (did this anyway pre-BC) and my normal bras during the day & so far no irritation.

I’ve chosen to avoid people with coughs and colds, because I don’t want a cold & my immune system’s busy!, but I’ve not been advised to avoid infections by the rads team.

Having a lovely weekend with friends & relaxing.

Good luck to everyone starting tomorrow
Maggie x

Hi wombat woo. I am big boobed so there was no way I could go without a bra. I took the wires out my older bras and was fine. For night time and even now 12 weeks after last tad I wear a soft bra at night just those slip on ones. Got them off groupon and they are great and just give that little bit of support and don’t get squashed lol.

Ladies thank you all for your replies. I will play it be ear I guess- I have bouncy boobs so will need something but didn’t want to irritate anything- I will try all your ideas !! Will report back ?. I have started moisturising already and it is making me put it all over … I have never been one for body lotion per se but I think I could get used to it!!!
Big hugs to you all ???

Hi wombat. Cream around your back also as I turned a bit bit pink on my back by shoulder blade and didn’t notice it till near the end

Thanks Gill3