September 2023 Chemo Starters

Glad you’re having a good holiday @pinklilli3s
I’ve got really into exercise in last few months, very unlike me as before I got cancer I wasn’t that bothered. Now I love it! Am into running and have signed up to do a 10k at the end of June. Been doing weights and spinning classes too. Am convinced it’s helping with the hot flushes and aches and pains. After the battering my body has taken over the past year it’s nice to give it a treat.

Hope you’re all doing ok xxxx


Oh wow good on you! I’ve always liked weights as it gave me instead results and I have gone back into it slowly - trigger finger have appeared on other fingers (prematurely aged probably due to steroids doctor think).
Anyway 10k is awesome! Well done you for singing up to this run. Wishing you all the best in your recovery. Am flying back tomorrow evening but already thinking about coming back here!! :sweat_smile: Xxxx


Aww enjoy your last evening in sunny Cyprus!
thanks for the good luck with the 10k. I was struggling to run for 60 seconds back in January so feeling fitter is def making me feel more upbeat and positive about stuff xxx


@pinklilli3s Have a wonderful last night on holiday. So lovely to meet people who get where you are and what’s happened.

I had a moment with the plumber… not that way… he’s also had cancer and doesn’t share with all his clients.

@annemanc Well done for signing up for the 10k, I could probably walk it but not run. Having a well earned break in sunny Northumberland. Lots of walking, food, dogs and castles. I have also started using weight and stretching bands, not anywhere near as heavy as I used to do but it’s some progress. I have some chest wall/pectoral muscle pain and swelling. Waiting on lymphoedema referral, fingers crossed it’s not but breast care nurse could say for definite. Hope you got a good set on tunes to listen to on Spotify, I still listen to the lists you created.

Hope everyone else is good :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hope you’ve had a fab break in Northumberland @naughty_boob :heart:. You picked a good week for sunshine.
I love doing playlists, glad you liked it. I’ll do us another one for the summer! Let me know of any tracks you fancy. :star_struck:

Am having party next month with friends and family to say thanks to them all. My last chemo was on winter solstice, so having it on the Saturday after summer solstice to celebrate getting better. My husband and I got married overseas, so I’ve never really had a big party before. I came up with the idea while I was wired on dexamethasone after my last chemo! I’ll do a toast to all of you amazing women who helped me get through. Xxxx


Hi @frazzledmcsazza

How are you doing?