September Radiotherapy starters

Hi all, I’m due to start my 15 sessions RT next week, feeling anxious :grimacing: have read up on RT and previous post on the forum the most common advice seems to be to moisture. I have never purchased so much moisturiser lol but l am prepared.

Has anyone else started RT in September how are the sessions going for you? Wishing you all well xx


Hi everyone, I just a few days completed my rado sessions (5) I had a few hicupps because they couldn’t locate my tattoos etc but all was sorted in the end, it is all painless the only thing I am finding now is this throbbing pain in my breast not all the time but quite often not sure if I should be having this, I believe the radiotherapy team make contact at some stage to see how you are coping so will be asking then. I have also been feeling quite tired which I believe is expected, was told that because the rado kills all the cells in your breast so the body needs to find a lot of energy from the whole body to make new cells which makes sense I guess , I hope this helps especially the tiredness if at all you get it ,


Aveno, e45, moo goo, dr organics aloe vera with calendula or dr organics aloe Vera with tea tree have been used by lots of us on tge bcn threads. Don’t use before your rads sessions, slap on afterwards, wear loose top too. Drinking lots of water helped me with fatigue but you might find yourself just dropping off to sleep the further you get into the rads cycle :heart: hope that helps :heart::two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx (Community Champion BCN Forum)

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Hi RP002

Hope you are doing well, have you started your radiotherapy as yet.
I just completed 5 days of high dose pallative radiotherapy as my breast tumour had broken through the skin. As i am going on another clinical trial i had to have quick 5 doses.
I used moogoo as i live in Australia, I am from the uk. It was great to use the first 4 days as adviced. Once treatment finished my nurse told me to use sudocrem anything zinc based. Did that for 1 week and now back on the moogoo. I had no flair ups with my skin, obviously breast swollen from the radiotherapy, but that has reduced so much. I am suffering a little from fatigue, but that could be I am stage 4 mets to bones, liver, and lung. Fortunately, we dont use tatooing over here as the CT and computer does all that virtually. I did get drawn on with a pen each day though as guidance. Thinking of you Sister and hope all goes well 🩷


Thank you Cherry38 I start my RT this Thursday 15 sessions. I have topped up on my moisturiser thank you for the recommendations and tips Shi :heart: I hope the fatigue does not hit me too much, I can’t do naps but l guess my body will tell me otherwise. Hope you feeling much better Lcat hugs all round.:hugs:
I had immediate reconstruction when l had my mastectomy in June, it was a personal choice not to have implants as l knew l was going to have RT. However I am anxious of my breast shrinking in size due to the RT, has anyone else experience this during/after their RT session?


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