September Sizzlers

Hi All, some of us started rads in Aug and are continuing into Sep, so we thought we’d have a new thread. There is already a “starting mid Sep” thread, but we’ve already started. As always though on this lovely haven of support, all welcome to join in of course x


Hello September,just started hailing here so Autumn is on it’s way !Tomorrow I will have more sessions of radiotherapy behind me than ahead of me yippee ,I am starting to see the light at the end of the treatment tunnel, oh apart from 10yrs of Tamoxifen!!!

Radiographer thinks my itchy rash could be reaction to the lanolin in the E45.Going to go cold turkey for a couple of days .

I had my eighth session this morning, and after a three day break I was back on high anxiety again, having relaxed into it a bit by the end of last week, hope that settles down again and I can stop the muscle spasms in my shoulder blades.


Had a tears moment too when another lady rang the bell in the waiting area to signify finishing her treatment and everyone clapped, such a feeling of camaraderie ?


I have pins and needles in my hand too, hoping that’s not a sign of any developing Lymphodema? 


I look look like such a whinger reading that back, I’m actually feeling not bad today, hope everyone had a good bank hol weekend xxx

Hi all, please may I join you, I started TODAY…lol, all went ok, not as bad as I feared…I did join the other September group too, all advice and support is always welcome.


Val xxxx


Hi ladies well srptembers here , Just on my way for rads . Then anouther one crossed off boob red but not to bad it’s this tierdness , good job iv gone on the sick again from work .hope you are all ok plus we have a new thread . Julie x

Hi Val,welcome.The first one is quite daunting isn’t it,they do get much ,much quicker.I was in and out before my appointment time this morning .Tiredness and side effects kicked in after about 5 sessions for me.

Blondie,I went back with sweaty palms,IBS and palpitations this morning if that makes you feel any better !!!I was really getting into the swing last week but 3 days off led to me feeling quite anxious again.Julie and Blondie you will both finish day before me.

Val ,rads should be a walk in the park compared to chemo,just lie back think of something nice and get blasted for a few minutes.Its is tiring and most people get a bit of a sore boob but 3 weeks and you will be done .

Hello september ! Goodby August lets get ourselfs back to recovery and onwards and upwards ladies x
christine x

21 down, 4 to go.


Jill, I had a bad reaction to E45 too, only used it once, I suppose with our skin being so sensitive anyway, anything is likely to cause a reaction.  I’m sticking to the aloe vera as it has been ok for me.  Boob is very sore now underneath where my bra rubs on it so I now have a trainer sock stuffed underneath…honestly, you couldn’t make it up!


I love the whole bell idea, every hospital should have one!  Good luck this week everyone xx

thanks ladies for all your kind words and support, I appreciate it and look forward to chatting with you.


Val xxx


NP just think by this weekend you will be free!!!

Hi Val…the first few are the worst on anxiety front but it gets easier. Welcome to September everyone…we’re all movingforward! So in be behind us all God willing x

We don’t have a bell either,I am still thinking of having a bra burning ceremony!!!

Hi nappinggirl
I was the same its hard to keep it dry underneath to get fresh air to it unless you lay on the bed with ur bra off and bood thrown over your shoulder its a difficult one really mi e broke out afyer rads had antibiotic cream then it was right but I used to put a dry pad under bra I even startes wearing my br I side out so no seams was rubbing agaist it x
christine x

I can throw my boob( or bood ) over my shoulder, maybe I should try that!!!

Ha my spelling not getting any better maybe next month lol x
christine x

We are just beginning to get the hang of "Christine speak "!!!

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well. I had a lovely holiday and no problems with boob! Kept in the shade first couple of days but then sunbathed as normal, slapped on lots of factor 50 and if boob felt hot covered up my bikini with a shirt. It was very hot even at night! I’m feeling much better in myself now and think the tamoxifen is out of my system now. Got to pick up new prescription this week- Letrozole so will see how I get on with that. Am off for a bone scan next week, just when you think you’ve finished with hospital appointments you get another! Sleeping is still a problem, didn’t take any sleeping pills while I was away as you’re not meant to have alcohol with them and I did want to have a couple of drinks! I still have a mountain of ironing to do, so can you send someone round please Jill! Went back to my boot camp fitness class last night - good to see everyone again. It was hard and my legs are aching but I managed to do the whole class ok. On another note I hardly had any hot flushes while I was away and I wonder if eating lots of tomatoes helped - just remember reading on here tomato juice was good for hot flushes! Hope you all are getting through rads now and not having too many side effects. Bye for now, off to work later, Sharon xx