September starters

Hi I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and I’m starting chemotherapy in the next two weeks I would really like to chat to someone about it thank you. 

Hi welcome to the forum .A thread has just been started for those starting chemo in September so you can meet other people going through treatment at the same time as yourself .I will post you a link .You could also pop into the August thread to ask advice from those who are a little bit further on .

Hi I’m in the same situation as you but my circumstances are slightly different as I am in Greece but had my surgery and radiotherapy now just waiting to start chemo but quite nervous with this covid19 

Here if you want to talk 

Take care xx

Hiya, have you stared your chemo ye5t, I’m due to start in 2 weeks and I’m really scared.  I don’t want to loose my eyebrows, I don’t want to be ill and I’ve so much to do.  I find this a really daunting time plus with all the lymph node taken from my arm pit, I’m also worried about infections.  I’ve already had an infection in my breast and that really dragged me down and I felt really unwell. I hope you don’t have too many side affects, take care

Mandy xx