September Sunbeams 2014

Hello! I’m brand new here but have been checking out the forums since my diagnosis in May. I had a single left breast mastectomy on 17th July and am due to start chemo on 3rd September. Thanks to the fabulous support and advice on this forum I kind of had an idea of what to expect at my oncologist meeting. 3x fec 3x tax 2 out of 8 lymph nodes involved. I would love to share experiences on this daunting journey if anyone is up for it? I an 43 years old with 2 children. I usually work full time as a teacher. I’m a single parent but my ex partner has been supportive so far! Looking forward to hearing from you x

Hi RachaelFay and welcome to the forums

It’s great to read that you have found the forums so helpful over the last few months and in addition, our helpliners are on hand with practical and emotional support for you so do feel free to call

Helpline 0808 800 6000 Mon-Fri 9-5 Sat 10-2

Here’s a link to the ‘Younger women’ area of the site where you will find treatment information and lots more support ideas such as ‘Live chat’ and our younger women together residential events which you may find helpful, just look under the services tab on this page:

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi raachelfay just thought I’d pop in to say I was in your exact position last year. MX and ANC in July and started chemo on 9th September and here I am a year later back at work, my hair has grown back and I’m waiting to go on holiday on the 9th this year! I found the chemo monthly threads invaluable and I’m sure you will too! There is bound to be more people joining you very soon. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your treatment and remeber it’s not forever and you will get through it. Much love Barbs x

Hi rachelfay :slight_smile: yes I too was with barbs joining this very group a year ago. You will experience many emotions and have many ups and downs but cling onto the thought that almost a year on and life is completely back to normal. I have a full head of hair (though don’t mention the curly word) and feel amazing. I went back to work (I am a hlta) in February having travelled to Egypt in Feb half term and two days ago I returned from three weeks in america doing route 66 - life will be normal again I promise. I’m sure you will have many more members of the group soon and will make lifelong friends who will support you in a way only a fellow suffered can :slight_smile: I actually met up with a fellow star and her family (from Newcastle) in los Angeles last week. If we can help in anyway please yell. Much love Sarah xx

Just want to wish all those ladies starting chemo in sept 2014 the best of luck. I was dx last sept when i was 39 and started chemo straight away then had a mastectomy in feb this year. I has 6 tax and also started 18 herceptin and perjeta at the same time. Its tough but doable. My best advice is to push thru it and keep going. I made the most of being off work and decorated most of my house. The friends I made on here are fab (we later defected to a secret facegroup…its much easier and safer). Many of us met up in Birmingham earlier this year which was fab and it was brilliant to meet Sarah in LA last week which is where I am writing from. Life will never be the same again for us all but in a funny old way it will be better. So stay strong and keep fighting…you can do it xxxx

Facebook group even!!! Sadly chemo brain still pesters me lol

Haha see us SEPTEMBER (2013) stars are muscling in on this years thread!! Seriously though for us to see you guys just starting out a year on from us is both surreal and quite emotional! We have made some lifelong friends which has been a great bonus x

What fabulous and heartfelt wishes. Thank you so much. It’s like we’re going to be the September Stars baby sisters! Any ideas for a good name? I can imagine that seeing the 2014 September women coming through is emotional. You all have already inspired me! I must start fantasizing about my future trips. Looking forward to making some good friends. I already met a lovely lady in hospital. I drove for the first time today so that was progress. Trying to shop now to prep a bit…Looking at tips…good excuse to spend money! Not going back to work…have been a teacher for 20years in London and I’m tired!  If I am able to do anything constructive in this time off I will see it as a blessing. Please keep in touch everyone. The inspiration is invaluable for newbies like me. Much love x

How about September sunbeams ???

Hi all
If you wish to rename the thread we can change it for you once you have decided on a name for your group
Best wishes
Lucy BCC

September Sunbeams sounds right x

Shifting to this thread as now looks like I’ll start in September.  Posted this on the August thread earlier:


So, was told today that because of the unexpected node involvement I’ll definitely get six cycles - 3xFEC and 3xtax +radiotherapy + drug therapy for 10 years!  Scary stuff!  It made it more real though I still feel I’m talking about someone else half the time.  Should start in two weeks, so will be September. Sorry ladies, but will keep looking at this thread as well as you are all great. I was told to go to the GP and get a pneumomnia injection and a flu one.  And to go to the dentist for a check up. And to stop taking ANY vitamins or supplements. I am also to have a heart scan as one of the drugs can affect the heart muscles. 

And so it begins. The endless doctor and hospital appointments, and the whole thing taking over my life. 

Sorry, I know I sound negative - just too real at the moment. 


Ladies - I need some TLC!

P xx

Hi Rachael, I’m new 2! I start chemo next thurs (28th) I’m stressing about what’s to come… I’ve had my mastectomy on the right side and had axilla nodes removed in July.I will be having 3 fec and 3 tax, followed by radiotherapy. It’s all a bit rubbish, but my kids ( 6 and 3 yrs old) and hubby don’t let me dwell on things!! What’s for dinner is alway more important ! Keep ur chin up, we CAN do this!!

Hi Em74 and PaulS

Such a shame that we had to be here. Haven’t had the call from the hospital I will be having my chemo at yet. Was told I could get the flu jab when it came out (even during chemo) but wasn’t told to stop taking vitamins? My onc didn’t think they would be beneficial? I will be going through an early menopause which was depressing to hear. Apparently bones tested at the end? Feel like time is suspended right now. Have to discuss with radiologist about radiotherapy after 3rd cycle. I’ve had immediate reconstruction and my surgeon isn’t convinced it will make a massive difference to my outcome but there is potential for damage to implant. All so scary. Take care lovely people. Xxx 

Yep that’s correct no vitamins when on chemo, no alcohol either within a few days of treatment, but to be honest I went right off alcohol for the whole duration of chemo.
Also diet, this is similar to a pregnancy diet, so no runny eggs, pate, unpasteurised yoghurts, soft cheese etc etc and believe me they taste fab when chemo has finished I was drooling at the thought of pate, egg & soldiers, Brie for weeks :slight_smile:
Take care x

Got my pre chemo chat at Barts on 1st September. Having one of those moments where it seems that everyone else is out having fun and I’m sitting at home…waiting! Eek! X

Evening ladies, 


So … I went onto annabandana and bought a selection of caps for sleeping, headware etc in case the cold cap does not work with saving my hair.  And I have the prescription from the BC nurse so will go to order a wig this week.  I am trying so hard to be organised and have everything ready if I need it, but SO hope I dont!  And I can just give it all to Maggie’s Centre to pass on to someone who might. 


I still feel as if I am talking about someone else if I’m honest, even though I’ve had two surgeries in four weeks. I find it hard to believe this is happening to me, and that soon they will fill me full of poison and I’ll feel really crap. Let’s really support one another - I was on the August thread but looks like it will be September now, so will post on this one as we go through it together. Lots of good advice on that thread. 

I have made an appointment to get the pneumonia injection tomorrow, and brought forward my dental checkup. The flu injection isn’t in surgeries as yet so will get that as soon as it is. Over this weekend my husband has really gone to town on cleaning products, handwash, Simple shampoo and conditioner and shower gel, and something to protect my bed in case of emergencies. And soft toothbrushes, special toothpaste, alcohol free mouthwash and thinsg more mouth ulcers and thrush and Cortasil for mouth infections, and a thermometer so I can take my temperature twice a day as instructed. Apparently they give is things for diarrhea and constipation ad sickness. Fun isn’t it?  He read all the possible side effects and decided we would not be caught short!  I think he feels so powerless to do anything, so this is his way to help. 


No confirmed dates as yet but definitely seeming real now. 


Keep posting ladies - I need you!

P xx


Just dropping in to say don’t go mad on Annabandana!! I bought loads of stuff from there and didn’t wear any of it lol! I know lots of other peeps who did the same! These are the things I found REALLY useful and would recommend you get (btw having cancer is frigging expensive!!)

Xylotene (google it) for your mouth - it’s brill I cleaned my teeth with it and got no ulcers, thrush or tooth pain.

Ginger biscuites and Green Bottle lemongrass and ginger cordial

Pineapple to make pineapple ice lollies

A juicer ( keep your immune system boosted)

Antibacterial hand gel make everyone use it and take it everywhere in your handbag


A digital thermometer

Anusol ( I got piles with the constipation!)

A wig

Black nail varnish for when you have Docetaxel

A heat pad

Drink LOTS of water

I had reflexology throughout chemo which was lovely and I had my eyebrows tattooed before I started chemo which was the best thing ever as I never looked Ill when I had my wig on!

Remember you aren’t going to feel ill the whole time! The first week you may feel a bit under the weather but make the most of the second and third week! I still went out and met up with friends and made the most of the good weeks. Do something nice when you feel normal!

Hope this helps xxxx

I echo what Barbara has said, I only wore a couple of things I got from annabandana, with the winter coming my head always felt cold so I mainly wore beanies in doors and wiggy when I left the house. I only had one wig, I was advised to have a wig that was just shorter than shoulder length as longer wig wears out quicker by rubbing on coat collars etc. the ends were just starting to frizz when I stopped wearing it.
An electric blanket was brilliant for the aches and pains of docetaxol.

Hi first time on forum. Starting chemo Fri. Seeing nurse today. Finding forum excellent as not good at talking in groups. Scared silly but being OK with family great to talk to someone starting chemo soon. Also had single mastectomy after having BC 13 yes ago xxx