Not really causing me a problem, not anymore painful than is normal post surgery, or tight, red or a noticeable swelling.  But why is the glugging and sloshing  sound not mentioned anywhere in the preop information packs…I thought I had imagined it the first time I heard it but now I have spoken to the BCN it has become apparent that is exactly how other people describe it, wish I had been aware of that, it was and is really weird.

Hi Bcrsally - I’d had not experience of surgery prior to BC, so seratoma was a complete surprise!  I have no recollection of being told about the possibility prior to my BC surgeries, so was astounded to find such swelling - it looked like they were growing back!!!  Of course, there is a good chance that I was pre-warned, but was selecting which information to process prior to the op.  My BC nurse was brilliant and invited me in to have them drained - a completely painless process, to my relief, as she’d approached me with a pretty big looking hyperdermic… 

Hope you’re soon feeling tiptop. 

I had the sloshing too.  I thought I was hearing things at first until I realised it was coming from my boob! I did call the BCN who informed that it would disappear within and a week…and it did.