serious dripping wet hot flushes

hi all,

just lately ive started to get hot flushes back. i started tamoxifen in sept 13 and citalopram dec 13 so by now they have both kicked in properly. problem is i wake up at night every couple of hours usually damp, but even during the day i have such bad sweats that it drips off the end of my nose and my ears fill up with sweat. i am so tired ive been sleeping in the afternoon when i get back from work. that doesnt help for night sleeping but i have to shut my eyes.

anyone else this bad

angie xx

Hi there

             I get the hot flushes bad but not quite as bad as you :frowning: that must be dreadful, I can recommend getting a chillow for at night, best £30 ive ever spent and also have a word with your Dr mine put me on 2 x 10mg a day instead of 20mg once daily and this has helped a little


Good luck



I did wonder why i didn’t suffer too badly when i first started taking AI back in sept 2013 because i am paying for it now!

I am on anastrozole but they are having the same effect, these last couple weeks the hot flushes are more noticeable and more often along with joint pain. Even thought the weather is warm i never used to sweat this much. Today i was outdoors reading and i could feel rivers of sweat trickling down my head and neck!! Not a good look!

I don’t sleep well at all at night but when it comes time to get up and see off the kids and hubby i want to sleep then! I try not to nod off in the day but it still makes no difference. I think it’s time to invest in another fan to keep by the side of my bed!

Cheers, Michele x