Seroma advice


i had mastectomy / recon & SNB 3/9

axillary node clearance 8/10

drain removed 17/10

seroma started to build up from evening of 18/10. I’ve had it checked out today by surgeon. (21/10) He didn’t want to drain it because of risk of infection. It’s really uncomfortable and I can’t put my arm down. With painkillers I can manage just about… I am seeing my surgeon Friday for results of histology - should I ask him to drain? It’s just so difficult to deal with. It’s uncomfortable/ painful and I know it’s vain but it just looks so awful 

Any advice? 


I am suffering with a seroma following lumpectomy and node clearance. The advice from the breast care nurses was that they would drain if it is proving too uncomfortable or painful. Their general rule seems to be that if it gets to the size of an orange draining should be considered. I obviously don’t know if this is what all medical professionals work on. Unfortunately for me, mine took matters into its own hands and burst! - I hadn’t heard of that happening to anyone, so wasn’t really prepared. Fortunately, the wound was found to be intact and clean, which was a relief. I don’t think this happens very often.

I would explain to the surgeon how painful it is for you and ask how quickly it is likely to improve if nothing is done. Good luck,