Seroma after a month??

I have had a small swelling in my cleavage since my MX in December but its not really been too bad until yesterday - we are renovating a house and I was painting most of the weekend - now kicking myself as I have a larrge sweeling where the small swelling was and it goes right under my newly construted breast its really hot to touch and I keep applying ice - the scar where they took the SNB is also on fire. Will ring the breast care nurse but can seroma appear worse after a month?? I have been a bit of a fool doing too much over the weekend. 

Shocked - is the swelling red as well as hot to touch?  If I were you I might get to A&E to have it checked - it could be an infection? 


Hello. I’ve had a seroma since my mx 5 wks ago. I didn’t have reconstruct and the seroma is in the area of the mx. It’s huge, hard and uncomfortable but no pain. Because of it’s size I’ve had it drained 4 times, every 7-10 days and each time the seroma has filled up again and I was warned this would happen . The last drain was on 12th Jan and has started to build up but not as big as before so fingers crossed! I was told of the risk of infection but because the seroma was big the consultant and nurse agreed to the drains. I’m hoping it doesn’t get any bigger this time as I’d rather leave it alone.

Hi there,
I have had repeated seroma to my abdomen scar following DIEP and recon. I too overdid excersises by going back to yoga too early, I attended my breast care team and they drained it for me as it was uncomfortable.
I would ask regarding having it drained as it is troublesome to you.

Hi shocked. Hope you’re chemo goes okay, is as side effect free as possible and doesn’t knock you for six. Were you being serious about the “red breast syndrome” ?  xxxx

Hi Northern Girl

I’m so pleased you’ve now had your treatment and it’s all feeling and looking so much better. Well, at least you can be yourself on here, flower. I can undersrand you wanting to keep your son “up” and unaware. Am not so sure about the hubby, that’s tough you not being able to lean on him for support, comfort? I hope you’ve got SOMEone or some goods friends around you, that you’re able to talk to, turn to for support and comfort, physical contact i.e. big hugs, have you?? Anyway, you let rip, grunt, groan, rant, sob on here, whatever. I’m not at all surprised you are or were feeling low. 

Do you think you might you have recon after your rads are done and finished??

Lots of love to you, sweetie

Dellywelly xxxxx

Hello Ladies

Delly don’t get me wrong hubby has been my rock, accompanying me to appointments, words of encouragement, comfort and lots of hugs :smileyvery-happy: but at times he doesn’t understand how I feel, men! I told my son right from the start and as a typical teenager would say “mum I’m not stupid, I knew something was wrong” !

I’m not planning to have recon. The ‘new me’ does take some getting used too but I’m ok with this and to be honest having one boob doesn’t bother me. I’m looking forward to getting rads out of the way (once I get my dates).


Lots of love xxx