seroma after DIEP

have posted on the "surgery"site,however,not many replies as maybe no one has had the problems I have encountered.Now nearly 6 months post DIEP…from the outset,had fluid in tummy,drained twice,last time in September under ultrasound…600ml then 400 Mls…still returned then tummy became distended and hard.Referred for CT scan,and is is not a hernia,but Seroma had capsulated…so,referred for aspiration under ultrasound,again,this time,radiology dept(was in clinic before)
Had my DIEP following double Mx September 2013.The DIEP was my 9th op…so,you can imagine,a bit cheesed off.If this aspiration does not work,will mean more surgery…had 4 Breast ops 1999 -2004 previously …take care,you lovely lot,and gentle hugs