Seroma after rads



I had a mastectomy and full axillary clearance last October, followed by chemo and then radiotherapy which I finished at the end of April. I sailed through the last unscathed, I thought, but began to experience severe pain under the skin which seems to match my muscles. I also had an unassociated rib injury so exercise was well nigh impossible. GP pain meds to the rescue.


5 months on, I still have some of the burning pain but I can massage this away in order to exercise (essential for the cording and nerve damage). However, I have a very soft swollen area which arrived with the rads pain (it’s around and above my side tattoo) - the physio just dismissed it as a seroma. It’s no problem, apart from feeling a bit uncomfortable when I’m wearing a bra. Is there a way to help disperse the build-up of fluid and prevent it spreading? I’m reluctant to ask for it to be syringed as it’s not that important in the grand scheme of things. Any advice appreciated :) 

Hi Jaybro,

Am just going through rads at the moment, following a WLE and SNB. I haven’t had the experience you’re having but it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. I found out I had a seroma just before radiotherapy - it showed up in the ultrasound I had as I found another lump (which was okay). I think the seroma is more or less the same size still. The consultant said to let them know if it became painful or uncomfortable as infections could develop in the longer term and the fluid would then need drawn off. You could have it all checked out with the Breast Care Nurse and/or oncologist if you haven’t already, because of the severe pain you are having around your rib area and the burning sensation. I read that the burning feeling can be a late effect of radiotherapy. I’m sure you have already thought of these things. You regularly give amazingly good advice to others on this forum. Just wanted to tell you that.