Seroma and Radiotherapy

Hello everyone, I will be starting rads in February following mx, ANC and chemo. I developed a seroma after surgery in July which my BS was reluctant to drain because of infection risk. Started chemo in September and seroma reduced drastically in chest area but still remains in ANC underarm area and is quite mobile too. I am worried that RT tattoos will change position when seroma moves during treatment period and thus affect correct positioning of beam. Has anyone else had this concern?

Hi Elma55

Sorry you haven’t had any replies as yet but hopefully someone will now see your post.  You are more than welcome to give our helpline a call and have a chat with the staff, they’re here to support you through this.  Calls are free, 0808 800 6000 lines open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-2

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Jo, Moderator

Hi Elma

I had my surgery on 21st November. I start 23 days of radiotherapy on Thursday. I have had a seroma in the breast since surgery and like you they are loathed to drain or interfere with it due to possible infection and as it is so close to the surgery area. I had 5mm lumpectomy so at the same time as surgery I had some reconstruction on the breast too.

I had my CT scan and planning appointment on NYE. The tatoo markings are absolutely minute and you can hardly see them. There are normally two tatoos - one in the middle of your breasts and one at the side of your rib cage, not at all on the breast at all. It depends where your seroma is but if it is in the breast or under the armpit I can’t see it interfering with their measuring and realignment.

I hope this helps but perhaps also ask the radiotherapists at your planning meeting.

Good luck - love Mands xxx

Elma, also I set up a radiotherapy thread for those starting radiotherapy this month. I know you don’t start until February but you are welcome to join us. M xxx

How funny I just went back in to the thread and have seen your post there! Lol xxx

Thanks Mand, I’ve replied on your thread xx