Seroma and red boob

Hi, last week I had a very itchy boob and my nipple which was inverted because of 2 lots of surgery came right out after seeing the bcn it turned out I had seroma she removed 10mls and gave me antibiotics just in case of an underlying infection. The thing is I’ve developed a huge red rash around the whole breast area it doesn’t hurt and isn’t hot the bcn said she thought it was a heat rash. I wondered if anyone else had similar problems with seroma? Or could it be my bra I wear a padded bra for a bit of protection? lv Clair

Clair that sounds what I had after 2nd WLE and it was an infection. The horse pull antibiotics worked but (too much information warning!) watch out, as I went onto develop oral thrush! It was a red patch, which started out directly over where my tumour was and started to spread. It did end up hot, which is when I got the horse pills! Good luck and hope it clears xx

Janey you are such a lovely supportive person you’ve always got time to help and give advice <3. I’ve been back to see the nurse today for a check.up and I’ve gotta external infection on my boob as well so given a cream and got to go back tomorrow lv Clair . Xxx

I think the beauty of this site is that we all benefit from those that have gone before. Lovely to be able to give back even a little bit. Big hugs for quick healing xx