Seroma fluid build-up



I am hoping some of you may have something positive to say about how long this lasts…


I had a double mx in October and a SNB. From the day my drains were removed (after 3 weeks but was still bagging 60mls daily when they were removed) I have been collecting seroma fluid on one side. I was having it drained every week but not for the last 4 (due to xmas and my consultant going on holiday) so am back next week but it seems to be getting worse. It’s like a water balloon under my skin.


I am trying to stay positive but am becoming obsessed with looking at it / poking it and nobody will tell me (because they can’t  - I do understand that) how long it will last.


Does anybody have any experience with this? What’s the longest any of you have had this? Can I do anyting to help stop it?


Sorry for being a misery-guts - thanks for any help or advice you can offer me x

I am interested in replies also.  I had a mastectomy in November with ANC.  My drain was taken out after 10 days but was still pretty full. I have had seroma ever since.  They have been draining it twice a week because of radiotherapy but not that has finished they are leaving it to see if it reduces on its own.  it is driving me mad.  Feels like a loaf of bread under my arm.  Assured it will sort itself out eventually but no one knows how long it will go on.  I sympathise.I