Seroma / haematoma after surgery

Apologies if this post contains Too Much Information…but…

I had mastectomy / lymph node clearance in August, trod on my surgical drain (!) and developed a seroma, which was drained once but then had to be left as my radiotherapy couldn’t safely be delayed.  It refilled immediately but didn’t cause much discomfort. Then suddenly, about 10 weeks after surgery, it got worse and became blood-filled - so now officially a haematoma. 

The surgeon is reluctant to operate again so soon after radiotherapy but put me on two ox-felling antibiotics and attempted to relieve the pressure through a tiny incision beneath my scar. This first attemt to drain it was underwhelming but 2 days later it vented spontaneously through that incision when I was in the shower.  The bathroom looked like a murder scene but the relief was incredible.  However, it keeps refilling (and venting - if less dramatically than the first time).  The tightness affects my breath and posture and I now feel absolutely ghastly - though whether from the condition or the antibiotics I have no idea.

I don’t quite know what to do.  If I go back to the surgeon, will I seem to be pushing for intervention that might be bad for me?  I’ve had enough of scalpels. On the other hand, is something amiss in there? An unresolved bleed - or something more sinister.  I have been treated for inflammatory breast cancer, so my likelihood of prompt recurrence is relatively high.

Has anyone had similar experience?

I posted this originally this on an existing thread but decided to create a new one too in the hope of a  reply.

Many thanks.

Hi ,you could ask these questions in the Ask the nurses section too ? Hopefully you will get some response here also. Sounds very unpleasant ,how have you left it with surgeon have you further appointment ?



If it was me, for peace of mind, I would call my breast care nurse and explain to her what is happening to get her advise on what I should do.  You dont say how long ago it was that you were on or are you still on the antibiotics.


Helena xx

That sounds like a good idea .Hope you get it resolved soon .