Seroma help

Hi Everyone


As anyone suffered from a seroma after surgery?  If so how long did it take to disappear? and did you have to keep having it drained?  Also how big was it?

I have had my seroma drained twice already and it has filled again.  It is quite large and its under my arm so i can’t put my arm down straight.  I know everyone is different but i just wanted to get an idea of how normal this is.






I hope you are doing ok despite the seroma.  Mine went something like this:
Surgery 6th December
Drained 60ml 12th December

Drained again 45ml 19th December

Swelled again after the 2nd drain but not as badly and didn’t need draining again.  It was back to normal, in terms of swelling by the 29th, so just over a month.  I was left with a little sore lump under my lymph node incision but otherwise had no further issues with seromas. 


Good luck.  



I had a lumpectomy and axillary nodes removed. I got a seroma in both surgery sites. I had to get the breast sermoa  drained twice but this cleared up by itself about 8 weeks post surgery. Five months on I’m still have issues with the seroma under my arm. I’ve had it drained three times, with a fourth one booked in for next week. I was told that usually they clear up within the first three months.

I’ve just joined this forum, looking for advice about the seroma issue. Mine sounds exactly like yours. I’m three weeks post lumpectomy and SLN biopsy. I’ve been back twice to drain the seroma under my armpit. Can’t lower my arm, scar doesn’t seem to be healing properly. Everyone keeps saying, “it will resolve on its own”.  Now that some months have gone by for you, what happened? I’m sooo frustrated.